2012 – you’re my best friend

Last year, I posted about how amazing the year was.
Because it was. The. Bomb.

The year before, I posted about how wonderful December 2010 was.
And it was completely, sweep-me-off-my-feet wonderful.

This year, I can’t even give you words to describe how I feel.
Except to say that 2012 and I… we’re besties.
“Besties” as in,

If you’re a friend of the Whites, you know what I’m talking about.  :)

So back to this year…
I’ve not “titled” myself one kind of a photographer or another.
I love every shoot I’m on,
every person in front of my camera,
every situation and experience that allows for my camera to be in-hand.

I love the sound of the shutter.

That sound marks the catching of a moment,
           the deliverance of an instant that was at risk of being lost.
And because of these things,
I can’t say what I want to shoot and what I don’t want to shoot.
I must say yes when someone asks me to document their moment in time.
Because I have found a way to stop time and hold onto it.
So, thank you to those who allowed me to do this in the year 2012.
(click each name to read about these beautiful and amazing people!)
  • Alyssa and Noel – your wedding day was the perfect way to start the year
  • Anna – your little Lila and Logan are two of the cutest kids I’ve ever photographed
  • Leigh Ann – it was an honor to be asked to help with Light The Fire
  • TNA Wrestling was an experience I’ll never forget (thanks to Matt at The Bank of Kentucky Center)
  • Belle Histoire – this session changed my photography forever (for the better!)
  • The Easter Ball introduced me to Band Camp, The Wonder Broz, Ca$h Out, Wiz Nation, New Boyz, and The OMG Girls… the fans of all of these are incredible, and I’m thankful to have been able to connect with such wonderful people
  • The Diggy Simmons concert was so much fun to shoot, thanks again to The Bank of Kentucky Center
  • Alex and Brandi – yours was a beautiful wedding day, and I loved being there with you
  • KB – you are bombshell beautiful, and I am so honored you asked me to photograph you
  • David and Katie – you two know how special you are to me, and it was a blessing to be there for such a wonderful day
  • To the Louden Family – you were SO MUCH FUN, and I loved spending that time with you
  • Belle Histoire – I felt right at home during our time in Rabbit Hash, and loved everything about those photos. Our time downtown stretched my abilities and I learned so much from that – something I will always be thankful for.
  • J and C – this will forever be my favorite proposal because you two will forever be two of my MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE – I love you both dearly!
  • Brent and Kelsey – Blythe. is. INCREDIBLE. but I think you know that. :)
  • Ashley and David – your sweet Lydia is absolutely beautiful
  • Stephanie and Bobby – I loved your wedding day because I loved the two of you – I knew from first meeting at your engagement session that we were going to be quick friends
  • Seth and Sammi – I was so blessed to be able to help celebrate Julia’s 1st year of life in this way
  • A – wow, wow, wow, wow, I am so lucky you are my friend. oh, and you’re gorgeous.
  • Belle Histoire – I am so happy we were able to spend so much time together this year. oh, and thanks for my big debut. :)
  • Lindsay and Jake – I’m so thankful that you chose me, I love you both dearly
  • S – girrrrrrl, I can’t wait to do this again. you. are. smokin.
  • Bob and Moriah – I can’t wait to do this again when they totally ARE engagement photos
  • Pat and Paula – you are my friends, and I am blessed. the fact that you have asked me to document such important times in your lives…. I have no words. I am so lucky, and I love you both.
  • K – gosh, girl, you are so gorgeous, it’s ridiculous – thank you for allowing me to do this for you
  • Bunbury Music Festival was one of the most fun and most challenging days of my life/career, and it was so, so great
  • Derek and Bailey – eek! gosh, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding, it’s going to be amazing
  • Isa is perfect and wonderful, and I am so thankful to you, Pat and Paula, again
  • Cassidy – you totally rocked your session, and I had so much fun getting to know you
  • K – I hope you know how absolutely knock-out beautiful you are! love you to pieces
  • I am so thankful to the Sports Power and Launch organizations for inviting me along for a powerful weekend
  • LeeAnn – you and your girl, Caydence, are simply adorable and I loved getting to join the fun you had that day
  • Kim and Tyler – I am so thankful, and I tell everyone I know where the best place is to get their eyes examined!
  • The Griffins – your family is entirely too precious, and I loved spending that time with you
  • First Church – it was my honor to be a part of such a monumental weekend
  • Hannah and Damian – your wedding was absolutely the best way to wrap up the year
  • To those who have yet to be blogged (it’s coming, I promise!) – you helped me end 2012 on an extremely high note, and I love each of you for that

Ya’ll…. you’re the best. You really, really are.

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