it’s really not a big number

it’s only half of 10

and 10 is really only a big deal when you are 9 years old

it’s now OUR number

year one:  we had no idea what we were doing. we rented an apartment, and just lived day-to-day. no plan, no agenda, and no budget (aack!). we lived frivolously, but loved our first year together.

year two:  we moved. we took a vacation, and didn’t even unpack our bags – we just moved them into a new home. we (ok, ok, I) brought Elliott home to live with us. we had our hearts broken just weeks before with our doggie, Bo, and we weren’t sure we were ready. but she charmed her way in, and there was no turning back. we still just lived day-to-day. we still had no plan. but we quickly learned we needed one. you were graduating, and we needed to find where God was going to take us. we went to Arizona, but learned pretty fast that was not where we were going to end up. we were pretty full of ourselves, and were certain you’d land the best job there was, and that just didn’t fit the bill (not too mention, IT WAS IN ARIZONA. ugh.).

year three:  you graduated. and you found a job. so we moved. again. we packed up and headed to Louisville. we met some of our closest friends while living there, and we actually became even closer to the people we moved away from. this year was a huge year of growth for us – everyone saw it in us. we learned more about who we were and where we were headed together as a couple. but we were still pretty full of ourselves. we were certain you would find THE job by the time the internship was over…. it was heart-breaking when that didn’t happen.

year four:  do I even need to say it? WE MOVED. when the internship ended, we weren’t left with many options, so we headed back to our hometown. we stayed there, unemployed for a year. this was an entirely different experience for us, and by far the hardest year we’ve lived through together. but I know that we wouldn’t change a thing. we became people we are proud to be. we loved each other during this, and we love each other more because of this. we saw each other at our worst, we struggled through a depression together. we learned who God had created us to be, not what He had created us to do.

year five:  you got a job – THE job we had been waiting for years for. we packed – AGAIN – and moved – AGAIN. but, this time it was halfway across the country. we laid on the beach for an entire Summer, met some of the best people we know, and really just enjoyed ourselves. but then we started to feel like something just wasn’t right. we came back home together to visit friends and family, and we realized then what we had been missing. we realized just how much we love the people we had left behind. we realized that we couldn’t live life without them by our side. we went back to the beach and said our good-byes to the people we were going to be leaving on the coast. we had truly grown to love many of our friends, and we (again, it’s actually just I) cried harder than expected. I still miss those friends deeply, and can’t wait to be out there visiting again. but, we MOVED AGAIN, back to the friends we call family. they welcomed us with open arms, and we realized how deep our love can run. for God, for each other, and for them. 

and now we’re here to stay. we’ve moved a total of 7 times in our 5 years of marriage. we’ve been together as a couple for 10 years, and it’s just like you said – we’re getting to a point in our lives where we can’t remember what life was before each other. and I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for you. for how you push me to be a better person – seriously. how you push me to be a better me, a better friend, a better photographer… just better. I’m thankful for how you are by my side no matter what. for who you have grown to be over the years, and for the unconditional love you offer me (because we both know I need it). I want you to know how much I love you, but I don’t know that there’s a way to say it. I’m thankful for what my relationship with God is because of my relationship with you. you’ve made me someone I am happy and proud to be, and I love you more for it each day.

happy anniversary to the one who started as that boy but is now an amazing man, an amazing husband.

2 thoughts on “5

  1. GOod work guys on 5 years of marriage (and 7 moves, wow). Hope you have a happy anniversary. I’m so glad Kelsey and I got to meet you guys in year 3…move 3, right? Glad to also say I helped in a White move..i think it was move 4, whichever it was it changed my life. That was a fun day with you guys.

  2. So glad you squeezed us into 2 of those years. A true blessing in many ways. We’re looking forward to seeing where this journey continues to take you!

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