a journey and learning to love the bluegrass

I’ve got some news for you.
But, first, a timeline:
2006: the boss and I got married and moved from Indiana to Kentucky.
2007: we moved.
2008: we moved again.
2009: we moved. AGAIN.
2010: we had been unemployed for a year, and hurriedly took a job that wasn’t quite right.
we ended up moving twice in 8 months (even for expert movers like ourselves, that was too much).
2011: we moved into an incredibly generous friend’s home,
then moved into our own place a few months later.

And for the past two years, we have lived in sweet, simple Burlington, Kentucky.

It’s been great.

Until these past two or three years,
whenever anyone would ask us where we were from, the answer was always the same:
we would tell them we were FROM Indiana,
but we just happened to live in Kentucky, and we DEFINITELY did NOT claim it.
We laughed at how close to Indiana we’ve always been while living in the great KY.
As if we are just so homesick for IN, we have had to live right on the state line.

Then we went out east,
and we learned just how much we actually ENJOYED LIVING IN KENTUCKY.

I never thought I’d say/type those words.


We have truly become at home in our adopted state.

We will always and forever love our dear Indiana,
but Kentucky might just become the place “we are from.”

These days, you’ll find us saying things like,
“we’re from the Cincinnati area, specifically Northern Kentucky,”
or, “we’re from Northern Kentucky, but we grew up in Indiana,”
and even, “we’re from Indiana, but live in and love Kentucky.”

And we are truly going to miss this place.

Meagan White Photo - Jen and Thad 006

2013: we move for the last time for a LONG time.

Kentucky. Kentucky. Kentucky.
Kentucky. Kentucky.

Yes, Kansas.

I’ve already been shopping for some ruby slippers.
Elliott’s practicing her best Toto.
And my Mr…. he doesn’t fit anywhere into my sad Wizard Of Oz references,
but he is going to rock it at the new church we will call home.
It’s going to be great.

****What does this mean for you, future clients from this area?
        This move does NOT affect my availability for this area.
        If you are someone I’ve spoken to regarding a future date,
        you’d better believe I will still be here to do that for you!! :) ****

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