Southern Indiana and Louisville Engagement Photographer:: Lisa and Jeff

April, 25 2018

Engagement sessions have always been some of the most fun sessions to photograph, and this session with Lisa and Jeff was no exception. We started our day in downtown Louisville at The Brown Hotel where these two will be married later this summer. It was easy to see their excitement for each other and for their big day. After exploring Downtown, we headed across the [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Fresh 48 Session: Camden

April, 12 2018

This Clark Memorial hospital fresh 48 session was so much fun for me - I've known that birth photography/fresh 48's are some of my favorite things to shoot, but this session kind of sealed the deal on that. There's just something about watching a family introduce a new little person to the world. On this day, that introduction included two very excited big sisters, and it was such a [...]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer:: Andrew and Melanie’s Purple People Bridge Proposal

April, 05 2018

When Andrew and I originally chatted about his proposal to Melanie, we planned for a Spring day in March on the Purple People Bridge. I envisioned a bridge full of people enjoying the weather - people I could easily blend in with, maintaining my proposal photographer anonymity. However, in true Cincinnati fashion, the Spring weather turned into buckets of snow within hours and all of [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Engagement Photographer:: Scott and Devin

March, 29 2018

Following all of my proposals, I love to take a few minutes to shoot a mini-engagement session. Scott and Devin are two of my best friends in this world, so I was beyond happy to shoot these photos of them following their big moment. We shot these just off the side of the road in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. [...]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer:: Scott and Devin’s Pigeon Forge Proposal

March, 24 2018

Sometimes, two people who mean the world to you decide to get married. You photograph their big moment, and then you spend a weird amount of time trying to write a post about them, but you come up short because sometimes words can't do justice to the way you feel. (Scott's hands... ta da!  ... haha!) . (and here... the excitement is palpable!) . Scott and Devin... YOOOOU [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Children and Family Photographer:: Callie is Two!

March, 18 2018

I adore this family, as you probably know by now. We shot Callie's one-year photos in this same place last year, and it's crazy how fast a year goes by. It was so much fun and such an honor to get to shoot this sweet girl as an almost-TWO-YEAR-OLD! I've learned firsthand that toddlers aren't usually ones for sitting still. Callie is like any other two-year-old and is always on the [...]


March, 11 2018

“I more than love you, I’m not whole without you. You are life itself to me.” We've been married for 12 years today. Twelve years ago, we stood, facing each other, holding hands, and we promised each other forever. We were babies. Just kids. Unprepared, naive, and so unaware of what the next chapter of life was going to hold. No one explains that becoming one takes time. It [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Ava

February, 18 2018

Being a birth photographer and awaiting the phone call leaves me bursting with anticipation... maybe even more anticipation than when I was actually awaiting my own delivery. When Taylor texted me to let me know she was heading to The University of Louisville hospital, she also mentioned that it was very unlikely that she was actually in labor. Her due date was weeks away, and she had [...]

Wedding Photography

February, 06 2018

When I chose to build a photography business, I was adamant that I wouldn't become a wedding photographer - it just wasn't my passion. I didn't have a long-term plan - I knew I had a camera, I knew I was having fun using it, and I knew I wanted to pursue something that looked like a photography business. I had dreams with no plan, and dreams without direction fall apart quickly. So, I [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Jack Turns One

January, 26 2018

The cliche is true: they really do grow up SO fast. I just shot Jack's newborn photos, so I can't wrap my head around the fact that we are getting ready to celebrate this little guy's FIRST birthday! I mean, I knew that Winnie had found a way to time-travel (because there's just no actual way she's almost 18 months old already), but I didn't realize she had shared her secrets with her [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Wedding Photographer:: The Madison, Covington Wedding:: Corey and Ashley

January, 22 2018

I wrapped up my wedding photography career with this wedding, and I could not have asked for a better way to end. Corey and Ashley were picture-perfect, and they were absolutely the most fun. We literally almost lost appendages with record-breaking cold temperatures (my fingers were bruised from the cold!), but I dare say that every second (and every frozen body part) was worth it.  [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Bowman Field Wedding:: Stephanie and Shawn

January, 10 2018

This was one of my favorite weddings I've had the privilege to be a second-shooter on. The bride and groom and their family and friends were all so much fun to work with, and it doesn't hurt that I was freaking obsessed with the wedding venue. Bowman Field holds a special place in my heart, and I was giddy to have a behind the scenes opportunity. Also, working with Trina of Photo [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Isaiah

January, 09 2018

This family is no stranger to being in front of my camera (I don't usually leave them with a choice), so it was only right to introduce this little guy to his favorite auntie who also happens to be his newborn photographer. :) I have photographed many people in many circumstances, and we shot his portraits on a busy day with a houseful of our favorite people, including two toddlers [...]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer:: Lucas and Aubrey

December, 19 2017

This was a record-breaking proposal for me... it was the absolute darkest setting I've been asked to photograph. Quite the challenge, but I absolutely love that Lucas chose to ask Aubrey to be his bride under the glow of twinkling lights. Following the big question, we walked for a few minutes (it was FREEZING. and I mean that quite literally.) to find some perfect locations for a [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Engagement Photographer:: Ashley and Corey, part two

December, 17 2017

Ashley and Corey, part two... I didn't think it could get better than the last post, but goodness, I think this post just might take the cake. Aaaaah. I am obsessed!! ASHLEEEEEYYYY!!!!! The key to incredible photos? HAVE FUN! C +A:: ok, it's official... I am DYING WITH ANTICIPATION FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY! You guys are two of the best and two of our favorites - I have a [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Engagement Photographer:: Ashley and Corey, part one

December, 11 2017

Ashley and Corey are certainly going to have an incredible wedding day later this year. We squeezed the absolute last bit out of the fall colors for their engagement session - these colors were incredible, and these two were a dream to photograph. I took SO many photos of them on this day - I couldn't help myself! So, I present to you part one - I rarely split up a session like this, [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Southern Indiana Senior Photographer:: Kyler’s Senior Photos

December, 05 2017

Meet Kyler. We had so much fun wandering the streets of New Albany, taking her senior photos - the longer we live here, the more I love this place. So! Beautiful!! Kyler, GOODNESS. I had so much fun taking these photos with you. You are the sweetest and funniest, not to mention FREAKING GORGEOUS, and you made my job fun and easy. You're the best!! [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Louisville Family Photographer:: The Bogels

December, 01 2017

Some people imprint on your heart, and no matter the years or miles traveled, they are always a part of who you are. Meet the Bogels .We started their session in their GORGEOUS home, which happens to include a library, which happens to now be on my dream home list of necessities. Also, for those of you who are reading people and/or are Austen fans, you might recognize this library [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Family Photographer:: The Nantzes

November, 27 2017

As soon as I met them, I knew I was going to love Logan and Hugh. They are two of the most genuine and most caring people, and I am so thankful to know and photograph them. When Logan suggested shooting at the site of their future homestead, I was more than excited to do so. Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, but it's also incredible to realize that future generations will look at these [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Family Photographer:: The Luehrmann Family

November, 20 2017

I've had the privilege of knowing this incredible family for a number of years now, and I'm here to tell you that they're about as amazing as it gets. We shot at Mt. St. Francis, and Southern Indiana turned up the volume on its fall colors this evening.  They are the definition of perfection and CUTE!!! GOSH. Justin and Olivia, I need you in front of my camera ALL OF THE [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Green Family Fall Session

November, 14 2017

This sweet family is one of my favorites and has been for years. It all started with their engagement session that was centered around Cincinnati sports - at that moment, I knew I'd love them forever. :) And then, when I was SHOT BY A FIREWORK, and they didn't run from my drama ;) .... well, I think that might have sealed the deal!  This little ponytail just KILLS me.  [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Southern Indiana Senior Photographer:: Alex’s Senior Photos

November, 10 2017

Meet Alex. Fun fact: we actually bought and currently live in Alex's childhood home.  She's gorgeous and fun and I want to shrink her and keep her in my pocket always. Indiana has a special way of showing off every Fall. Seriously, Alex. You. Are. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL. Alex, I loved spending this time with you. You are so special to me, and I am thankful you asked me to photograph [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Family Photographer:: The Chastains

November, 07 2017

THESE TWO. Oh. my. word. I was lucky enough to photograph their engagement and wedding, and now I can add their one-year anniversary to our list. I love it. Chris and Stephanie:: thank you for having me, again and again. The honor truly is mine, and I am forever grateful for the two of you. [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer:: Southern Indiana Family Photographer:: The Seewer Family Fall Session

November, 05 2017

I never have enough words to convey how incredible my clients are, and this family is no exception. This is the third year I have spent October 14th with this amazing crew, and I am SO thankful. For lifestyle sessions, I always suggest doing something together as a family. It can be something complex, like following a recipe and making some cookies, or it can be as simple as [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Southern Indiana Senior Photographer:: Jacob’s Senior Photos

October, 27 2017

Meet Jacob. Jake. Jakey. Mr Cutie McCutie. (he told me he didn't care what I called him, so there you have it) I absolutely loved hanging with this guy and his sweet momma. They are close to our hearts, and it was so much fun to get to photograph him. Also, I don't know when it happened, but senior guys have become some of my favorite people to photograph. [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Hendrich Family Fall Session

October, 17 2017

You guys, I just have to share how much I am LOVING this season of my business. Leaving the wedding industry was a tough choice, but it has been THE BEST CHOICE. I'm not "quitting" weddings indefinitely (I am currently excitedly counting down to my next one, later this year!), but I am basking in this time without them. I have had an opportunity to photograph some of my favorite [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Chris and Stephanie

October, 14 2017

Chris and Stephanie:: I probably don't need to say it, but GOODNESS, YOU TWO. You make my heart all kinds of happy. Your day was beautiful, the two of you are beautiful, your families are beautiful... you guys, I'm forever thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it all. Now, we are 3 years running with photos on this perfect day... I am marking my calendars indefinitely to spend [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Southern Indiana Senior Photographer:: Hannah’s Senior Photos

October, 04 2017

Meet Hannah. I had entirely too much fun photographing her senior photos! She is from Northern Kentucky, so for her to come to Southern Indiana so that I could be her photographer for this special time? That honor is not lost on me - I. adore. her.  I LOVE shooting these photos. I hope that all of my seniors will agree that our time together is never stiff or posed, but [...]

Louisville Maternity Photographer, Louisville Family Photographer

September, 10 2017

No words, just photos - I can't describe how wonderful these people are.

Oh, My Winnie… 12 months with you

September, 03 2017

We are on the cusp of a new dawn. We are leaving the "infant" phase and growing into the "toddler" years... it's so very exciting. However, I am grieving the transition a little. We just held her as a newborn. How did one year go by so quickly? What will the next 17 be like? This month brought a welcome change of pace from the past few. We slowed down this month, and it was [...]

Oh, My Winnie… one year photos

September, 01 2017

(the"hot dog dance" in action) (telling us a story) she sings along with me this beautiful girl changed our lives and our [...]

Oh, My Winnie… the day you were born

August, 27 2017

This blog is for me, for Shane, for Winnie... There are details many reading won't be interested in ... that's ok. It's for the three of us. However, I love reading stories like this, so I'm sharing publicly for anyone else like me. :) Winnie was due on September 3rd. I was certain I would be 2 weeks overdue. One of the many reasons we chose the midwifery services was their [...]

our first year

August, 23 2017

This year I realized that having a baby is a bit like a baptism - the old me is gone, and I am made new. My body alone tells a story of what this year held. What the world picked apart and called imperfect has been restored and made whole again. My self-worth was brought back to life with the life of this tiny one. My skin shows wrinkles and wear more than before - maybe it's [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Matt and Renee

August, 20 2017

Matt and Renee:: Happy anniversary to you two!! Your day was amazing because you two were amazing!! The rain, the heat, the largely pregnant photographer ;) ... so many things were at play, but the two of you were so in love that none of it mattered. It was a joy to watch your marriage begin and an honor to be chosen to photograph it. Cheers to 100 more years! :) see this amazing [...]

Louisville Photography Workshops: the May workshop

August, 16 2017

When I started photography mentoring sessions years ago, I intended to keep them as one-on-one sessions. However, the first Louisville photography workshop (classroom style teaching) was a success, and now I am pumped to keep the group teaching rolling! It was so much fun to help these girls get a better understanding of how to shoot in manual mode - I loved sharing my experiences and [...]

just wait

August, 14 2017

Through pregnancy and this first year of parenting, we've heard a lot of advice and cautionary tales, warning us of what to expect. Seasoned paroents sharing stories, attempting to vet us and prepare us, I suppose. However, it did everything but prepare us, and in the end, it left us questioning why these "been there, done that" parents were so discouraging to parents-to-be. them: [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Kansas City Senior Photographer:: Brennan’s Senior Photos

August, 12 2017

Meet Brennan. When your client is a cutesy wittle teddy bear and you tell him all about it, you might get a reaction like this one... This one is a FAVORITE. That smile kills me in the best ways. Brennan, you are the best. I loved taking these, and as much as you don't want to admit it, I know you loved being photographed. ;) Thanks for hanging in there and putting [...]

Oh, My Winnie… eleven months with you

August, 02 2017

I may be fighting tears as I write this. HOW ON EARTH IS SHE ELEVEN MONTHS OLD? How is this the last "monthly" post I will write for her? It doesn't help that this month seemed to hold the most change. Always on the move, our tiny one is not as interested in being held or cuddled, and that breaks this momma's heart. She will snuggle in before naps and bedtime, and she will [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer – this kid is TWO!

July, 21 2017

Ok, so this sweet little man turned two in MAY. I might be a bit behind.Not only is he two, but he also had some pretty big news to share. This photo is one of my favorites. GOSH, I LOVE THIS BOY! Best buds for life, and for that, I am forever thankful. [...]

My Baby Favorites

July, 20 2017

This is a strange and random post for a photography blog, but I have had a lot of mommas asking me for details about some of the baby items I've shared about (check out my instagram stories for those posts). It's not that I have some amazing insight into what the best baby items are, it's just that we have come across some things that we can't live without, and those are worth sharing. [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Tim and Kelly, a Xavier University Proposal

July, 10 2017

When Tim emailed about proposing to his bride-to-be, I was more than excited to be there to document it! We planned on a sweet riverfront proposal, but a last minute festival had Tim scrambling to find a new location. We ended up at Cincinnati's Xavier University, and it left me questioning why this wasn't our first choice! It was PERFECT! Tim and Kelly are college sweethearts, so to [...]

to the best there is

July, 06 2017

Happy birthday to the one who makes us his everything. Your first birthday with her in your arms, and I think it's your best birthday yet. You have been everything and more since she joined us last year, and I'm more thankful for you today than ever before. I love [...]

Oh, My Winnie… ten months with you

July, 03 2017

Parents everywhere will warn you that time flies when you have a baby. We heard this more times than we could count, but cliches like that make me a little crazy (even though I use my fair share of them), so I would brush it off. I mean, yeah, I know it feels like it flies, but time itself is still time... there are always 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, etc. My logical brain [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Mt St Francis Engagement Photographer:: Noah and Victoria

July, 02 2017

Noah and Victoria. Officially the cutest. Noah and Victoria:: you two are the best. These photos were so much fun, and your sweet love for each other was a joy to photograph. [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Brandon and Megan

June, 27 2017

Brandon and Megan:: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I was so honored that you chose me - THANK YOU! Although Kansas isn't where we are from, shooting your wedding was like coming home. It was such a fun time spent with you two, and we are forever thankful for it! see their perfect day [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Chrisman Family

June, 19 2017

I think a mark of a great family is the ability to have to schedule and reschedule a session approximately 427 times (thanks to weather), and then show up and knock it out of the park as if you're all just a bunch of models and you do this all the time. That's basically what happened with this crazy-good-looking family! ARE THESE TWO THE CUTEST OR WHAT?! [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Eric and Sydney

June, 11 2017

ERIC AND SYDNEY!!! Happy anniversary!! We still talk about your day - it was absolutely gorgeous, but that may have more to do with the two of you. It was SO MUCH FUN to work with you both, and we adore your families and friends! We are thankful for the two of you and thankful for the honor of being a part of your day! see the wedding [...]

Oh, My Winnie… nine months with you

June, 03 2017

*deeeeeep breath in...* It's getting so close. Her birthday feels like it is just around the corner. I don't want to push things or feel like I'm rushing it along because that is LITERALLY the last thing I want to do. It's just that the number NINE makes her feel so old. I was pregnant for NINE months with her (well, let's be real... closer to ten, but whatever). And those nine [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Downtown New Albany, Indiana:: Erin’s Senior Photos

June, 01 2017

Meet Erin. When she decided to do her session in downtown New Albany, I was pumped. I was thinking brick walls, city sidewalks, all things urban... I had no idea that this graffitied wall even existed. And I had no idea how much I WOULD LOVE IT. ERIN, QUIT IT! You are GORGEOUS!! her bracelet is in remembrance of a classmate  GIRRRRRRL Erin, THANK YOU. I absolutely LOVED [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Hendrich Family

May, 18 2017

What better gift is there for a mom than photos of her babies? I think this crew had the best idea for their mom for Mother's Day, and I was excited to help them out with it. I absolutely love how she adores her baby brother! Oh my gosh, this guy and that heartbreaking stare! This fellow is the same age as my Winnie, and I could have just eaten him up, he was so sweet.  To [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Hank and Amanda

May, 14 2017

Hank and Amanda:: I adored the two of you on your wedding day. It was one of the sweetest days I've been honored to witness, and I am still so thankful you chose me to be a part of it. Happy anniversary!! see their wedding day here! [...]

Louisville Boudoir Photographer // Cincinnati Boudoir Photographer :: Meagan White Photo Boudoir Photography

May, 13 2017

This post is for women's eyes only... I've identified as a "wedding photographer" for the past 6 years, and it seems like a weird breakup to no longer be shooting weddings full-time. However, I'm so excited for what this next page looks like for me. Over the past few years, I built an exciting and beautiful boudoir business, but it's not been something I've been public with for a [...]

Oh, My Winnie… eight months with you

May, 03 2017

I can't believe I will only do this three more times before I am writing a big, first birthday post. I know I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but the time is passing oh-so-FAST! This girl of ours changes and does something new every day, and we can't get over it. Her little personality is quickly becoming larger than life. She has quite the attitude when things aren't going as she [...]

Beginner’s Photography Class

April, 20 2017

I remember holding a DSLR in my hands for the first time and having NO idea how to use it. I took hundreds, maybe thousands of photos, just trying to practice and learn. However, practicing didn't do me any good when I was shooting everything with an automatic exposure... as if all you had to know how to do was turn a dial and select a "scene" on your camera. . I decided to teach [...]

Oh, My Winnie… seven months with you

April, 02 2017

Seven is over halfway to twelve. We are over halfway through our first year together. I don't know why that first year seems like such a milestone, but this sweet girl makes all of the "I can't believe how fast this is going" cliches so real. It's just hard to believe that we have had seven of the most amazing, glorious months. They've been such a gift. She's been standing this [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Cincinnati Family Photographer:: Kinsley Turns One

March, 31 2017

If you've spent any time around this blog, you'll know that these three are familiar faces and very much loved clients. I photographed Ryan and Brittany for their engagement and their wedding, and I had the privilege to photograph Kinsley before her big birthday and again right after. I am completely honored each time they come back to me - they are three of the best, and I'm thankful [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Green Family

March, 24 2017

This family is near and dear to my heart. I first met Stephanie and Bobby at their engagement session. When they wanted their engagement photos to be at the Reds stadium, I knew we'd be fast friends. Then, at their wedding, I saw their families and friends love them and celebrate them, and I felt like I was one with them, celebrating two of the best. Oh, and I was hit by a rogue [...]


March, 11 2017

"I was crazy about you then and now the craziest thing of all, over ten years have gone by and you're still mine..." Marrying you 11 years ago was the second best decision I've ever made. The number one best decision I've made is saying yes to you every day since. For ten years, I've written about you, about us... it's been a special way to celebrate with you. However, this [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Jack

March, 07 2017

As a newborn photographer, these are my favorite kind of newborn sessions to shoot. It was an easy morning, full of snuggles and cuddles with sweet baby Jack. Like all of my newborn sessions, I focused on the new life this little family was living now that they are a family of three. Robin was made to be his mama, and she fell seamlessly into this new role.  [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Nicholas and Courtney

March, 04 2017

Nick and Courtney:: I'm still so very thankful for you and your wedding day. It was a perfect and beautiful celebration. Thank you for having me and happy anniversary!see their gorgeous wedding day [...]

Oh, My Winnie… six months with you

March, 03 2017

This is a milestone month for this momma, and I'm having a difficult time processing it. On one hand, I love how our girl is growing. She's changing almost daily, learning and trying new things. She's been rolling from her tummy to her back for a while, and she's on the precipice of rolling from her back to her tummy for months now. This month, she just went for it, and now that she's [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Mat and Leslie

February, 26 2017

Mat and Leslie:: I still don't have words. You two will always remain two of our favorites, and your day will always top our list. It was an absolute honor to be a part of such an incredible celebration. Yours was also the first wedding Winnie went to with me, and I'll always carry that as something so special. :) So, thank you again for choosing us to be along for such an incredible [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Ryan and Nicole’s Mt. Adams Steps Proposal

February, 19 2017

I was so excited when Ryan, who is a currently a Pennsylvania resident, got in touch about surprising his girlfriend on the Mt. Adams steps in Cincinnati. Since she had no idea he was even in Cincinnati, he had to deploy some pretty stealthy hiding skills as she climbed the steps to where he was waiting. Nicole has some pretty incredible girlfriends. Not only did they help [...]

Oh, My Winnie… five months with you

February, 03 2017

FIVE. (insert sobbing) ... I can't fathom that this is true. Someone alert the media, I've discovered time travel. I know I went to bed with a newborn last night, but somehow, she's only a month away from being half a year old. HALF OF ONE YEAR. But we're not going to talk about that BECAUSE THAT'S JUST NOT HAPPENING. This past month was full of growing, both physically and [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Fresh 48 Session: Elijah

January, 29 2017

I was beside myself with excitement for this Fresh 48 session - instead of focusing on the birth of baby Elijah, his sweet momma wanted to focus on big sister, Ella Kate, meeting this little one. It was a beautiful introduction at Norton Women's hospital. It was beautiful, and I was so privileged to be there. She was apprehensive at first, like most new siblings are, but she [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Goodridge Family

January, 14 2017

Oh my gosh, it just gets better and better. When I made the choice to stop shooting weddings full-time, I was nervous about taking on more sessions. I've declined most over the years, and I didn't know if I'd still enjoy them. BUT, GOODNESS, HOW I ENJOY THEM. And, in a true Southern Indiana way, the weather on this day was the worrrrrrst. But I have the MOST amazing clients, and [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Sumners

January, 06 2017

GOODNESS. There aren't enough words. Not only are they five of our most favorite people, BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE.  Also, let me tell you a little bit about how amazing they are to work with. We scheduled this session in hopes of shooting a Christmas card photo, which means the date wasn't super flexible (I mean, if you schedule it too late, your photos become New Year photos...). [...]

Oh, My Winnie… four months with you

January, 03 2017

No. No, no, no, no. There is no way we have already had another month with this sweet baby. It was seemingly overnight that she grew and is no longer all arms and legs. She has some serious weight to her and is starting to outgrow some of the 0-3 month clothes that she JUST started wearing. The scrawny little thing I brought home back in September is growing into quite a little [...]


December, 31 2016

2016, you were a trip. We had a rough start (thanks to morning sickness), but the most beautiful ending. We've never been happier. You were the longest year (I think I was pregnant for 900 months), but also the shortest year (how did I become a momma SO FAST??). You were an emotionally exhausting 12 months, to say the least. Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy from our sweet [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Patrick and Carolyn’s Mt. Adams Steps Proposal

December, 18 2016

Patrick did such a good job surprising his bride-to-be, not once, but TWICE on this day. To begin with, she had no idea that the little detour they were taking to the Mt. Adams steps wasn't a part of a run-of-the-mill date night. I had never been to these steps before, but now that I have, I can see why they are a Cincinnati landmark and why Patrick chose them for this incredible day. [...]

Oh, My Winnie… three months with you

December, 03 2016

Oh my word, three months... it's literally unbelievable. November was a month full of milestones from sitting up (for only a few seconds, BUT STILL) to rolling over, which means she is done with tummy-time - every time we put her on her belly, she just rolls right over onto her back. She's actively working on getting from her back to her tummy, but I'm praying we have a while before [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Johanna

November, 30 2016

I am so excited to share these newborn photos with you. More than once, I've shared why I love shooting lifestyle newborn photography instead of a more posed, studio style, and this session is no exception. This sweet family had me to their home one morning shortly after their sweet Johanna was born, and I instantly fell in love with each of them. It was a perfect morning full of [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Leslie Family

November, 22 2016

I am so in love with these three that it's silly. You've seen them around more than once, and I couldn't be happier about that. They keep getting cuter with time, so I can only hope that I get to continue documenting their lives for years and years to come. You guys... at this point, there's nothing left to say. It really is an honor every time you ask me to be a [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: New Albany Family Photographer:: fall favorites of this family

November, 15 2016

Ok, I'm annoyed at that title alliteration. BUT STILL. This family is our favorite, and these are some of my favorites from their session we shot earlier this fall. OH! This baby boy and those beautiful blue eyes! Did I mention we shot these in my backyard? (...I spy an Elliott)  [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Southern Indiana Wedding at Huber’s Orchard and Winery:: Chris and Stephanie

November, 10 2016

Chris and Stephanie had the absolute most perfect day. I joked with them about how this was my last wedding that I was shooting as a full-time wedding photographer, so they needed to make it a good one. :)  AND BOY, OH BOY! They not only had an amazing day, but are amazing people with amazing friends and amazing family. So, yeah, I feel pretty good wrapping up my 2016 year/my [...]

Oh, My Winnie… two months with you

November, 03 2016

I keep checking and re-checking the calendar because I just cannot believe that we've already had two months with her. October was a busy month, with lots of developmental changes for her (including the real smiles that we can coerce out of her, lots of chatter and cooing, and scooting her little self across her playmat). It was also the month I went back to work, spending my first [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: New Albany Indiana Wedding at The Grand:: Austin and Caitlin

November, 01 2016

I assisted the wonderful Trina at this wedding, so I spent most of my day with the guys. We began at Churchill Downs, and it was SO much fun.  After a few bets and a few more races, we were off to The Grand. [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Wedding at The Gillespie:: Clinton and Roxanne

October, 23 2016

My first wedding second shooting and my first wedding at The Gillespie... couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Rob and Alli

October, 17 2016

"wild things grow on less than a little and darling I know it'll be you and me right down in the middle where love grows wild" - dierks bentley Rob and Alli:: Oh my word, your wedding day was a dream! We loved every detail, and we loved spending the day with you two. You made our jobs so easy, and your family and friends were a blast to be around - we truly enjoyed every minute! [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

October, 14 2016

Chris and Stephanie, we are SO excited to share this day with you!! Happy wedding day to you!! See their INCREDIBLE engagement session [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Justin and Olivia

October, 10 2016

"it might seem like an ordinary night... same ol' stars, the same ol' moon up high. but when I see you standing at your door... nothing's ordinary anymore." - george strait Justin and Olivia:: We adored your day, and we adore the two of you. You had a beautiful afternoon, a beautiful wedding, and you were (and are) an absolutely BEAUTIFUL couple. I loved the time we got to [...]

Oh, My Winnie… one month with you

October, 03 2016

I was not given the gift of eloquent speech or the ability to write beautifully. That being said, I'm not going to pretend that I can describe this last month to you... there aren't words to adequately share how greatly our lives have changed. This baby of ours has brought a light we didn't know was missing. She's shown us love we didn't know existed. Together, the boss and I have gone [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Bryan and Annie

September, 26 2016

"and, baby, the way you move me, it's crazy... oh because, you are the best thing ever happened to me" - ray lamontagne Bryan and Annie:: You two had a perrrrrfect day! It tops my list of favorites, for sure. And to see you transition to parents is just the sweetest thing to witness. Thank you again for inviting me along for such a perfect and beautiful day. Lots of love to [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: The Redmoor Theater Wedding:: Matt and Renee

September, 12 2016

This is my third attempt at writing/posting this blog. My computer and Wordpress are out to get me, and have collaboratively lost everything I've written twice... that being said, I hope you'll understand why this post is a little short on the word side. But that's ok... Matt and Renee had a perfect day, and I think these photos will speak for themselves! It rained harder on their [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Tanner and Kelti

September, 05 2016

"I'll tell you what we're gonna do... you will shelter me, my love, and I will shelter you... " - ray lamontagne Tanner and Kelti:: OH. MY. GOSH. As I went back through your wedding images to write this blog, I got all lovey over you two all over again! We'll never be able to express how much we loved being a part of your day, and more importantly, how much we absolutely love [...]

Louisville Maternity Photographer:: Bryan and Amy

August, 10 2016

Words to come later, for now.... photos!!!

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Andres Family

August, 03 2016

I can't handle how cute and perfect this sweet family is.  (look at her little hand on her hip - I'M DYING!) And his little hand on hers? OH MY GOSH! Something about this photo of her is killlllling me in the best way. Andres family, I LOVED taking these photos for you. You are some of the best we know, and we love [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Megan and Brandon

July, 26 2016

Megan and Brandon were married in Overland Park, Kansas, and it was a perfectly sunny, beautiful afternoon. However, I don't think there's anything quite as hot as a Kansas City summer day, so we were resigned to the indoors and air conditioning for most of the day. But since I had a gorgeous bride, the best of all grooms, two amazing families, and an incredible bridal party... it [...]

Maternity Leave…

July, 08 2016

Well, friends, it's the weirdest thing for me to write about, but here it is... with 8 weeks to go, it's time to talk about MATERNITY LEAVE. It's probably pretty obvious, but I won't be shooting much later this summer. What does that mean for you? If you've been throwing around the idea for photos, now's the time! I'm officially starting leave at the beginning of August... it's a few [...]

I’ll never get enough

July, 06 2016

I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet,  I know I will tomorrow. -leo christopher I've said it every year that I've had the privilege to celebrate you - there will never be words. You are more than I've ever been deserving of, and to love and celebrate you year after year is one of my life's greatest gifts. there is always a lot of love for this guy around [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: The Madison, Covington Wedding:: Eric and Sydney

July, 04 2016

Oh, this wedding day... it was so beautiful and so perfect, I can't really find the words (or maybe that's this baby-brain of mine, but either way...). Sydney was an absolute dream, stunning in her gown, and even more gorgeous when her groom was by her side. She started her day at Cloud 9 Salon & Spa, and those girls worked effortlessly on this beautiful bride. [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

June, 25 2016

Brandon and Megan... today's the day!!! Happy wedding day to you!!! You HAVE to see this beautiful engagement session [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer – this kid is ONE!

June, 15 2016

Yes, that title is familiar, but those last photos were in preparation of his big O-N-E, and these next photos are of this ACTUAL one year old ... *cue the "you're growing up too fast" tears*. I can't get over how fast a year can go by. From this to the photos below in the LITERAL blink of an eye. Excuse me while I go sob in the corner. And let's not even talk about what I'm going [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Thad and Jen

June, 13 2016

"and I will stay with you through the end of time I will stay with you" - john legend Thad and Jen:: You guys will never know how honored and thankful we still are that you asked us along on this incredible day. You are two of our favorites, and so was your wedding day. We love you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! see their wedding day [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

June, 11 2016

Eric and Sydney... we are SO EXCITED to celebrate with you today!!! Happy wedding day to you!! See their perfectly sweet engagement session [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Abby’s Senior Photos

May, 25 2016

Meet Abby. She is one of my favorite seniors to date, and not just because she's my cousin. :) We shot these in about 20 minutes during what I'm now referring to as "the rainy season." You know, when it rained for like a bazillion days straight over the last month? We were listening to thunder rumble, watching clouds roll in, and racing to shoot as many photos as quickly as [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Wedding at The Marquise:: Hank and Amanda

May, 20 2016

  Hank and Amanda:: thank you for having me along on your perfect day. It was one of the sweetest days I've photographed, and I absolutely loved getting to know the two of [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Lindsey and Tyler

May, 15 2016

"...oh, if falling's how you feel, and perfect is what you see, then I'd be what you mean to me." -brett eldredge Lindsey and Tyler:: Oh. My. Word. It's been a year, and we are still talking about how sweet and perfect your day was. We are so thankful to have been there, to have been a small part of the beautiful story that is the two of you. We are just so thankful for [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: this guy is ONE! (pt. 2)

May, 08 2016

I'm sure you remember this photo from the last post, and I think I've finally figured out what this little guy was all kinds of excited about... "YES. CUPCAKES!" His momma brought him a sweet treat for a quick little "cake smash" to celebrate his big birthday. You guys, it doesn't get any cuter.  [...]