Louisville Children’s Photographer:: this guy is ONE! (pt. 1)

May, 05 2016

I don't know how it's possible, but this little guy is turning ONE this month! I know his momma is right there with me - where on earth did the time go!? He's cuter than EVER, and we all just love him so much, it's ridiculous.    This next photo has me cracking up... I'm taking suggestions for captions because this one's a winner.   And then, these next [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: sharing photos on social media

April, 27 2016

Not only do all of my clients receive every photo professionally edited and high-resolution for printing, but they also receive every photo professionally edited and watermarked for sharing online! Woo! And all of my clients receive a little instruction card about sharing their photos online - the biggest rule? No cropping/editing/altering. Except... that no cropping rule gets [...]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Jake and Jennifer’s Proposal in Downtown Cincinnati, Reds Opening Day (pt. 2)

April, 26 2016

These two were engaged downtown on Reds Opening Day, and it couldn't have been more perfect. I was honored to be there to photograph it, as well as a quick engagement session following the big question. These are always some of my favorite photos because the bride-to-be is still settling into what just happened, and it's always fun to witness.  Jake and Jennifer:: I can't [...]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Jake and Jennifer’s Downtown Cincinnati Riverfront Proposal on Reds Opening Day (pt. 1)

April, 25 2016

Jake contacted me during a what I have been calling "proposal week" - I was contacted by FOUR grooms-to-be, but couldn't make the timing work with anyone but Jake. I'd say that means this was absolutely meant to be, and I am SO THANKFUL! He couldn't have been a nicer, kinder gentleman, and his bride to be is THE SWEETEST! This couple made my day and made my job a snap.  He had dreams [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Louisville Engagement Photographer:: Sydney and Eric

April, 22 2016

Sydney and Eric. I officially love these two and can't wait for their big day this summer! The morning of our session, weather forecasts were calling for extreme winds, and they didn't lie. Not wanting to wait, we decided to push forward and shoot indoors at Louisville's 21c Museum Hotel.  We shot this first set inside one of the galleries - this garage door light was money! [...]

Louisville and Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Leather Bound Wedding Album, Engagement Photo Guest Book Album

April, 20 2016

WEDDING ALBUMS: Your leather bound wedding album will be a BEAUTIFUL way to remember your big day. It will arrive in a protective sleeve within a keepsake box and will be beautifully bound in handcrafted leather with professionally mounted photographs that will tell the story of your beautiful wedding day.  ENGAGEMENT GUEST BOOKS: Your engagement album will be a great way to show [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Edison

April, 18 2016

When Edison's sweet momma asked if I could do a quick mini-session early this Spring, there was no way I could say no (not that I would ever want to!!). I mean, how do you resist this face? Those eyes? THAT HAIR? You might recognize this cutie and that amazing hair here, and I am CERTAIN he will be showing up around here more and more! [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Wedding at Norlyn Manor:: Nicholas and Courtney

April, 13 2016

Courtney got ready at Black Rabbit Salon in Cincinnati, and I loooooved using their unique space for her detail photos. The boss second shot this wedding with me, and gooooooosssssshhhhh, he KILLED IT. These next three images are some of my FAVORITES, and they were all him. Oh, and COURTNEY!!! You are STUNNING! They had Holtman's Donuts at their reception, so YOU KNEW [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Cincinnati Photographer:: Kinsley

April, 06 2016

I have had the absolute honor to photograph this sweet family countless times over the past few years. Brittany and Ryan are a JOY to have in front of my camera, and now that sweet Kinsley has joined their family, I know it's only going to get better! You'll probably remember her semi-debut during their maternity photos, but now she's here, and she's so lovable and absolutely [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: The Madison, Covington Wedding:: Mat and Leslie

March, 31 2016

This wedding day was THE PERFECT way to kick off 2016. The boss and I are still talking about what a perfectly beautiful and sweet day it was. Mat and Leslie are so in love, and we are so privileged to have had them in front of our cameras - they made our jobs easy. Which, by the way, is why there are about a bazillion photos in this post. Well, that and I can't choose because I just [...]


March, 11 2016

10 ... "We loved with a love that was more than love." - Poe I wish I had original words to say what my heart feels, but as cliche as it is, I don't. These past ten years have been more than I would have ever expected or imagined, and I am more and more thankful every. single. day. Year 10 was one of our craziest - we felt everything from devastated to  ecstatic, and I [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

March, 04 2016

Happy wedding day to Courtney and Nicholas!! It's going to be a perfect day, and we can't wait! See their sweet engagement session [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: New Albany Engagement Photographer:: Jordan and Hannah

March, 01 2016

Jordan and Hannah. They are two of the best people we know, aaaaand as it just so happens, they are also two of the most incredibly good looking beautiful people we know (I can't use enough adjectives on these two). I mean just look at them!! We opted for more of a mini-session, since they were looking for just a few images. I said, "yeah, we'll get a handful of photos," and then [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

February, 26 2016

Leslie and Mat... IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! WOOOO!!! We are so excited!! To see their BEAUTIFUL engagement session, click [...]

Louisville Maternity Photographer:: Cincinnati Photographer:: Ryan and Brittany

January, 29 2016

Ryan and Brittany aren't new to this blog, and when we shot their wedding two years ago, we were already counting down to the chance to get them in front of the camera again. They are two of the sweetest, and they are the most photogenic - seriously, baby girl is going to be BEAUTIFUL! These two had the super sweet idea to shoot their maternity photos in the same location we shot [...]


December, 31 2015

2015, you exhausted us. Well, at least, me. I think I felt the happiest I can remember ever feeling, but also, maybe the saddest that I've ever felt. It's crazy how you managed to squeeze so much emotion into 365 days. We left some of our dearest friends in Kansas City, which broke our hearts, but you made up for that hurt when we found some amazing people here in New Albany to add [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Darin and Emilee

December, 20 2015

"I never knew that I could love someone the way that I love you..." -ben rector Darin and Emilee:: I can't express how thankful we are that you chose us to be a part of your beautiful, special day. And, even more importantly, we are so thankful to be a part of your beautiful, special lives. We are so thankful for each of you. Your wedding will be a favorite of ours for the rest [...]

thank you

December, 18 2015

Last year was the first year I worked with second shooters on a regular basis, and I quickly learned how much I LOVE IT. Not only are my seconds CRAZY talented, but they also keep me sane (well, as sane as I can be on a wedding day), and they bring the fun. We die laughing (or, at least I do) at least once a day, and then I get home, upload their images, and die of amazement. THEY KILL [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Cincinnati Photographer:: Franklin

December, 15 2015

Every time I see a friend become a mom, it's incredibly amazing, and I struggle to find the words. I've known Ally for almost 25 years. 25 YEARS!!! Growing up was more fun with her by my side, and to see her transition into the beautiful world of being Franklin's sweet mama is a gift. Darrell is the sweetest daddy, and it was melting my heart to watch him with his little pal. [...]

Stitch Fix:: Round 2

December, 06 2015

Dear Stitch Fix, You showed up last month and blew me away - I couldn't get over how wonderful you were. But, I suppose like all good things, you, too, felt the need to come to an end. My fix showed up this month, and upon opening the box, I was almost immediately disappointed.I did remember to take a photo before tearing into this time, but once I did unwrap that pretty packaging, [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Cincinnati Family Photographer:: our favorites in Gatlinburg

December, 02 2015

OH MY GOSH, I CAN'T TAKE HOW PERFECT THEY ARE. BABY BOY, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! And these next three photos? The definition of I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN. OOOOOOH, the photo below is killllllliiiiiiinnnnng me. I looooove this baby, and I loooooove this mama. Gatlinburg, you were beautiful. Thanks for showing up in a big way this year for these cutesy family photos. And YOU THREE. [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer // Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: baby Thunder in Gatlinburg

December, 01 2015

6 MONTHS. This sweet baby is 6 MONTHS OLD ALREADY. Hold on a sec, be right back... my heart is a giant puddle, and I've gotta get it cleaned up.We took another incredible trip to Gatlinburg this year (more on that later), and while we were there, we HAD to take this little one's photo. I mean, our hearts exploded thanks to his little boots and flannel - we really had no choice. : [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Moore Family

November, 30 2015

Oh. My. Word. I more than LOVED taking these photos - this little family is entirely too sweet, and they made my job so much fun and so easy. These five are officially favorites of mine. When they arrived, this little man's sisters immediately began telling me all about their baby brother. I mean, literally, as soon as the doors on their minivan opened, I heard, "look at our baby [...]

the whites went to gatlinburg again

November, 29 2015

We went a couple of months earlier than last year (and it was a couple of months warmer) - I didn't take nearly as many photos as I did last year, but I can tell you that I had twice the fun.Also, I wish I knew why I was so dang awkward in front of a camera. Good thing the boss has got this figured out - otherwise we would be hopeless. : )  And a gigantic high-five to my pal [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Bogel Family

November, 23 2015

I've been staring at my screen for a while now, trying to come up with THE perfect words for this family.  In the end, I'm settling on this: the Bogels are incredible. [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Clark Family

November, 19 2015

This family a dear and near one for us - we were SO thankful and excited for the opportunity to get to photograph these kiddos. Not to mention, they are freaking ADORABLE. I mean it. I couldn't get over it. And Madison's hair... hi, I'm Meagan, I'm almost 30, and I am jealous of this child's beautiful locks. Send help. The cuteness... it's just completely overwhelming you, isn't [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Hailey’s Senior Photos

November, 18 2015

Meet Hailey.  She is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I've met since moving to New Albany. Oh, and she's AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! She introduced me to what might be my favorite location to shoot in Southern Indiana. OOOOH GIRL. HAILEY!! THANK YOU. Thank you for choosing me to do these for you. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out - I'm so thankful for you! [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: The Madison, Covington Wedding:: Rob and Alli

November, 17 2015

The boss would totally disagree with me, but I LOVE our hometown. I love being in it (there is something about knowing a place as well as I know that place), and I LOVE shooting in it. When Alli told me she was going back home for her wedding, I was so pumped. She and Rob live in Tennessee, but they were married in a little church in town, and had their reception in Covington (but more [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Devin’s Senior Photos

November, 13 2015

Meet Devin. She really is this gorgeous, and those eyes are 100% un-retouched.  I LOVE this black and white photo of her. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also a doll!!!  DEVIN! You are GORGEOUS. Thank you for having me - it was SO much fun, and you made my job easy! [...]

Stitch Fix:: My First

November, 12 2015

I have a friend who has been using Stitch Fix for a few months, and I've always read her posts with the mindset "but I LIKE shopping for clothes, so this isn't for me." Which was true... until I realized that I actually don't like shopping for clothes. I mean, I like shopping... shopping for the boss? Yes, I'm in. I also love grocery shopping and Christmas shopping and Hobby Lobby [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Mt. St. Francis Engagement Photographer:: Chris and Stephanie

November, 11 2015

Chris and Stephanie. Y'all, prepare yourselves for photo overload because these two KILLED IT at their engagement session. They were beautiful. The setting was beautiful. The lighting was beautiful. OH MY WORD IT WAS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. I hadn't been to Mount St. Francis prior to this session, but WOW, this place is killer. We wandered around and scouted a few locations, but we were [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Georgia

November, 02 2015

Oh my word, you guys, this is something that will NEVER get old. Being a birth photographer is my favorite thing. When Molly emailed about having me as her birth story photographer at Norton Women's hospital, I couldn't respond with a big ol' YES fast enough. I am so very, very, very lucky to get to do this for the most amazing people. talking cord-cutting... and dad's final [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: The Olmsted Wedding:: Justin and Olivia

November, 02 2015

This was my first "Louisville wedding," as a Louisville wedding photographer. AND. I couldn't have asked for a better one to begin with. Justin and Olivia not only had one of the sweetest wedding days, but they also had one of the most fun days I've been a part of - this wedding party knew HOW to party! My second shooter, Danielle, and I had an awesome time hanging out with this [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer:: Samuel’s Senior Photos at The Falls Of The Ohio

October, 27 2015

Meet Samuel. I LOVE his family, and this guy is no exception. Like every senior guy, he couldn't wait to have his photos taken (please know that this statement is buried beneath a THICK layer of sarcasm). BUT. Also, like every other senior guy I've photographed, he trusted the process and we had a TON of fun!! Samuel:: thanks for letting me do these with you!! I had a [...]

Louisville Family Photographer:: The Campbell Family at The Falls Of The Ohio

October, 27 2015

As a Louisville wedding photographer, I don't have a large availability for family sessions every year, but there are just some families that I would do anything to make time for. This family is one of them! I first photographed them at Derek and Bailey's wedding a couple of years ago (HOW has it been that long already!?), and then had the chance to shoot Meredith's senior photos last [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Cincinnati Senior Photographer:: Jake’s Senior Photos

October, 26 2015

Meet Jake. Man, I love a good brick wall. And it doesn't hurt that this guy was SO  MUCH FUN to work with! Have river, will use. : ) Jake:: I had SO much fun hanging out - thanks for letting me take these for you! I know having your photo taken wasn't your idea of the most fun ever, but MAN YOU KILLED IT!! I love these photos, and I loved getting to you [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Lakeside Christian Church // Longworth Hall Wedding:: Bryan and Annie

October, 23 2015

Bryan and Annie had one of THE most beautiful days I've been a part of. The weather was PERFECT.... well, except for when the wind tried to tear Annie's veil away. : ) But the dress, the details, the families, the friends, THE COUPLE... oh my gosh, I can't say enough good and wonderful things about this day!! For starters, THIS DRESS. And then, there are THESE FLOWERS. My [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

October, 10 2015

Justin and Olivia - we are SO excited that your day is here!!! It is going to be absolutely beautiful!!! to see this romantic engagement session, click [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: Sellersburg, IN:: Carter

October, 09 2015

It's been a few weeks since this little one's big debut, but Carter is one sweet little baby, and I was honored to have been asked to photograph him before and now after his birth. I know, that's a weird way to say it, but I'm seriously so thankful! This family is BEAUTIFUL, and this little guy is the cutest there is. (that is a toe for those creeps who are wondering : ) ^^^) he [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Centennial Barn Wedding:: Tanner and Kelti

October, 06 2015

Tanner and Kelti had a dream wedding day - it was hopelessly romantic, completely about the two of them, and incredibly gorgeous. It was also one of the most relaxed days I've been a part of, and I LOVED IT - we had breathing room, and I'm telling you, that can make or break a day. It was also one the HOTTEST DAYS ON EARTH... maybe that's irrelevant? BUT STILL. I mentioned [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

October, 03 2015

Brian and Sheena - goodness, your day is going to be the best. I love the two of you and can't wait to see you at the end of the aisle! :) to see this perfectly sweet engagement session, click [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Josh and Ashley

September, 29 2015

"It had to be you... wonderful you.... it had to be you." - billie holiday Josh and Ashley:: I am so thankful for the two of you and that you chose me to be a part of your special day. Your wedding was ridiculously fun, and the two of you are ridiculously beautiful. Congrats on this next step in your lives - you guys are going to rock as parents. Tons of love to you and HAPPY [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Kansas City Family Photographer:: The Davis Family

September, 25 2015

Knowing the Davis family is one of those things that we totally took for granted when we lived in KC... now that we are MILES away, we so VERY MUCH miss them. I was beyond honored when they asked me to shoot a few family/anniversary/kiddo/headshot photos while I was in town last month. You might remember them from here, or, if you've been in our home or the boss's office, you've seen [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Clarksville, IN Engagement Photographer:: Nicholas and Courtney

September, 24 2015

Nicholas and Courtney. Entirely too sweet to describe, these two rocked their engagement session!! And, oh my gosh, THAT ROCK.C and N:: THANK YOU. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer - I am SO excited for your big day. I can't wait to see the two of you again in [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: Cincinnati Engagement Photographer:: Mat and Leslie

September, 22 2015

Mat and Leslie. WOW. Oh my word, WOW. I've said it 100x, and I'll say it 100 more - we have THE BEST people in our lives. These two are incredible, inside and out. And, GOODNESS, they know how to pick a location for photos!! I WAS DYING at how perfect this little creek was. AND HOW PERFECT THIS COUPLE IS!!! Prepare yourselves for one of the longest posts in history because HOW [...]

Cincinnati and Louisville Photographer:: Michael and Bailey

September, 21 2015

Oh my word. My wittle baby Michael... he's all grown up! (and he'll probably die from embarrassment from this post) I love him to pieces - as a little boy, and now, as a young man. When I was younger, I would beg to babysit him (and his sister, Lindsay). I would have sat for HOURS and played with little tonka trucks with this kid. And now? Now he's not a kid. Now he's [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating John and Amber

September, 20 2015

      "Then I see your face, I know I'm finally yours... I find everything I thought I lost before"  - Red I have no words. My baby sister is married, and now has been FOR A YEAR. A YEAR. MY BABY SISTER. John, I have faith in you, brother. But, don't let me down. : ) Amber. You're the best. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!! see the wedding [...]

Kansas City Fitness Photographer:: Madison

September, 17 2015

Living in Kansas City brought so many incredible things into our lives (helloooo, First Fridays) and even more amazing and wonderful people . Our corner of KCK was chock-full of incredible friends - friends we now consider family - and we will be thankful for the years we spent there for the rest of our lives. Madison is no exception to this. She's not just a dear friend, but she's [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Shaun and Avery

September, 13 2015

"...how the thought of you does things to me never before has someone been more unforgettable" -nat king cole These two are a beautiful and incredible couple, and they are going to be equally beautiful and incredible parents. I can't wait to meet that sweet baby! Avery and Shaun:: THANK YOU. I can't say it enough. Yours is a day that I will forever love and be thankful for. And [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding and Engagement Photographer:: Brandon and Megan

September, 11 2015

Brandon and Megan... picture perfect and the sweetest pair. We began our session at the Sophian Plaza in Kansas City, and this building did not disappoint!  Megan. You're beautiful!We moved on to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and as always, it was a dream to shoot there.Brandon and Megan:: I can't say it enough, but THANK YOU for having me along for this sweet evening with [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Kansas City Senior Photographer:: Emma’s Senior Photos

September, 09 2015

Meet Emma. She is incredibly gorgeous, and so stinking cute. She's also one of the most giggly and smiley people I know. And I love that.These are two of my favorites!!I'm telling you, GORGEOUS!!!!And if you know Emma, you know that these are TOTALLY her - always so happy and laughing at something!Emma:: you are INCREDIBLE. You are a beautiful, wonderful girl, and I cannot wait to see [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

September, 05 2015

Tanner and Kelti – oh my gosh, I'm so pumped that your day is here!! I have no doubts that it will be amazing and so beautiful!! to see this sweet engagement, click [...]

Cincinnati Family Photographer:: The Sims Family

September, 03 2015

Almost every family I photograph is a family that is near and dear to my heart, and this group of amazing people is no exception to that. I practically grew up in their old Victorian home, and some of my life's biggest "firsts" happened with them, including the first time I heard about Jesus. Needless to say, they are a group who will forever be imprinted on my heart. This next [...]

Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Family Photographer:: The Beale Family

September, 01 2015

I've talked before about how incredible the people in our lives are. We just have the best friends in the world, end of story. And these three are absolutely no exception. And, seriously, when your friends have babies that are THIS BEAUTIFUL, you keep them around. ; ) YOU TWO. You are the cutest. And, MELISSA.... GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!I CANNOT handle these eyes!You three are three of the [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Mike and Julie’s mini-engagement session at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

August, 12 2015

For all of my proposal clients, I am always excited to shoot a few engagement style photos following the big question. This is such a sweet moment, and I love gifting these images to my clients. To see Mike and Julie's full proposal story, click here! [...]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Mike and Julie’s Proposal at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

August, 11 2015

I don't think I really even have the words for this proposal - it was just incredible! Mike emailed me about his plan to propose in the Cincinnati Airport, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVED that idea. Airports are special places to me, especially this one, so I was immediately on board. Then we talked logistics and I learned that he was basically going to be landing on a plane from Canada, [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: New Albany Engagement Photographer:: Jacob and Danielle

August, 04 2015

Jacob and Danielle. I have two words to describe these two: helllloooooo, beautiful! Or maybe hellllooooo perfection! Or hellllooooo AWESOME! I can't choose. I just know that these two ROCKED IT! We began at Clarksville's Lapping Park, and THE LIGHT. OH GOSH, THE LIGHT. And THE TREES. The treeeees. Oh, AND THESE TWO. Did I mention THESE TWO??? Oh my goodness, I can't TAKE IT.  [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Alex and Ali

August, 02 2015

"and here we are in Heaven for you are mine... at last" -etta james Ali and Alex:: Again, THANK YOU. Thank for you for letting me be a part of your story. Your day was incredible, and the two of you are, as well. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And, because it cracks me up... SEE THE WEDDING [...]

Louisville Family Photographer:: Louisville Maternity Photographer:: The Ross Family at Locust Grove

August, 01 2015

These three are one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL families I've EVER met, inside and out. I was so excited to do these photos at Louisville's historic Locust Grove - it was a gorgeous and perfect setting for such a gorgeous and perfect family. I have no idea how the world will recover from all of the cuteness once Baby Boy joins them later this summer. : ) Ross Family:: All I can say is [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer:: New Albany Engagement Photographer:: Brian and Sheena

July, 26 2015

Brian and Sheena. These two sure do make me smile. : ) Their proposal was so good, but having this photobomber along for these photos kind of takes the cake. Brian and Sheena:: I can't say thank you enough. I also can't convey how EXCITED I AM for your big day!! You guy are THE BEST!!!!! [...]

Louisville Newborn Photographer:: New Albany, IN:: Edison

July, 22 2015

I was given an incredible gift when I had the opportunity to be one of the first to meet this little man and photograph his birth, and I knew that photographing these photos with him would be an absolute a blast - I feel he and I are old friends... even though he's only been on earth for a matter of weeks (days at the time we shot). And I was totally right - this session was SO much [...]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Edison

July, 14 2015

This was new for me, and I really had no idea what to expect. I photographed a birth at Clark Memorial. I totally skipped out on that day in health class. The day that you watch the outdated birth film. Yeah, you know the day I'm talking about. So I REALLY had no idea what to expect. Well, I guess I had an idea... but you know what I mean.   And it was, in a word, [...]

Cincinnati Newborn Photographer:: Thunder

July, 13 2015

The first part of his newborn session is here,  and just when you thought there couldn't be even MORE cuteness to see, I bring you part two. Yes, those are little handcuffs. And, yes, that is a mini-donut.... mini-doughnut. This next set of photos is why I choose to shoot lifestyle newborn sessions vs. the backdrops and props and hats and babies in buckets and [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Creation Museum and First Church of Christ Wedding:: Thad and Jen

July, 08 2015

Thad and Jen are THE PICTURE of love. Their entire day was so absolutely beautiful and perfect, and it really was because the two of them are completely Christ-centered and absolutely head-over-heels for each other. IT. WAS. PERFECT. For starters. THIS DRESS. Custom and jaw-dropping, it was to die for.  Just because you choose to not do a first look with [...]

the best day of the year. :)

July, 06 2015

your life is my life's best part. this is the 15th year I have celebrated your birthday, and every year, I'm reminded that it's my favorite. YOU are my favorite. a birthday wish from few of years ago... a couple of years ago... and last year. every year is better than the [...]

Cincinnati Newborn Photographer:: Baby J… “Thunder”

June, 27 2015

If you follow my instagram, you probably already know that I'm DANG NEAR OBSESSED WITH THIS KID. *ahem* And, while he's OVER A MONTH OLD (hoooooow on earth is this possible?! he was JUST BORN!) I wanted to share some of his newborn photos with you. Because HE'S THE BEST. And the CUTEST. So, here you go. :) BAAAAYBAAAAY DETAILS. They crush me. OH! Hello there, [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Jess and Eric

June, 14 2015

"On a night like this, I could fall in love... I could fall in love with you." Dave Barnes Jess and Eric:: I HAVE NO WORDS! I just looked through your wedding photos again, and I love them more than I did a year ago. And I'm pretty sure the same goes for the two of you. : ) We are so thankful to have been a part of your day. But we are even more thankful to call you [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

June, 13 2015

Jen and Thad - your day is going to ROCK!!! And I am SO excited that it is here!!! to see this sweet propsal, click

Southern Indiana and Louisville Birth Photographer:: Fresh 48 Session: Baby J’s First Day

June, 04 2015

Introducing Fresh 48 photography... something I am beyond excited to offer. Some of my favorite photos [...]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Boone Links Golf Course Wedding:: Lindsey and Tyler

June, 01 2015

Tyler and Lindsey's wedding day was everything a photographer could ask for. 1. the most BEAUTIFUL bride 2. a fun-loving and dapper groom 3. the sweetest, most loving family 4. a laid-back, relaxed group of friends 5. the cutest details 6. AND EVERYTHING ELSE! Seriously. See for yourself. Starting with this dress. (SWOON!) And this hairpin! Lindsey made this from [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Jill and Craig

May, 25 2015

"... all of me loves all of you." John Legend Jill and Craig:: Oh. my. goodness. I loved your wedding then, but today, I love it even more. The photos from your day are some of my favorites EVER. It doesn't hurt that the two of you are practically models, but whatever. :) Thank you again for choosing me!! Happy Anniversary!! SEE THE WEDDING HERE also... something a little [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Sam and Abi

May, 23 2015

"... in only a moment's time, I knew my heart was yours and yours was mine." Imaginary Future Sam and Abi:: We had so much fun celebrating your day with you, and the two of you made for the most beautiful photos. Happy Anniversary!! SEE THE WEDDING [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

May, 15 2015

Happy day to these two!! Lindsey and Tyler, I cannot wait to celebrate this day with you! I know it is going to be awesome!! to see more of Lindsey and Tyler and their riverfront engagement session, click [...]

Our [new] White House // a home tour:: an open dinner invitation

May, 13 2015

I absolutely loved my Kansas kitchen. I wished it had been a little more open, but it was always full of the best light, and it was 100% me. The only problem? I never used it. This new kitchen of ours was my worst nightmare when we first bought our home. It was outdated and dark... two things I didn't think I could [afford to] overcome. However, after a little love and some [...]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Baby Becks is ONE!

May, 11 2015

First of all, I want to apologize on behalf of this little one's family... they had no idea that her birth would create some sort of time warp over the last year. Because there is NO WAY that 365 days have passed since these photos. But, somehow, the year IS gone, and she's already celebrated her first birthday. It's not right. Not right at all. Good thing she just gets cuter [...]

Our [new] White House // a home tour:: sit and stay awhile

May, 04 2015

Our old house had a style of its own, so it was fairly easy to decide how to fill it. The house we have in Indiana has an entirely new personality, and it's been hard to figure out what to do with it. Plus there is absolutely no buying new things, so making it work has been the name of the game. And, surprisingly, it's kind of a difficult game to play! Anyway, on to some [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Cincinnati Senior Photographer:: Devin’s Downtown Cincinnati and Washington Park Senior Photos

May, 02 2015

Meet Devin.She tops the list of my favorite seniors of all time. It doesn't hurt that she chose some of the coolest locations for her session. It also doesn't hurt that she's DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. These are some of my faaaaaaves. Outfit change, location change. I had never been around this part of the city, but I was PUMPED when we arrived. These murals are THE BOMB. (by the [...]

Kansas City Photographer:: lights, camera, action – a project with some of the most creative people I know

April, 30 2015

Near the end of the year last year, a couple of our dearest friends from KC asked the boss and me to be a part of a really cool project for our church at the time. The resulting video ROCKED, and here are some behind the scenes photos I shot. [...]

Cincinnati Maternity Photographer:: C and J … and baby makes three!

April, 13 2015

I said this about a hundred times before, but the boss and I have got THE BEST friends. IN THE WORLD. And these three are no exception. WOO! Hot mama!YOU GUYS. I have got theeeeee MOST beautiful friends. I LOVE these two photos of her! YOU TWO! (well, you THREE!) You are THE BEST. You already know it, but it is worth saying again. :) [...]

Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Kimber, Spring 2015, pt III

April, 11 2015

Well, when I posted this post, I anticipated keeping these photos to just that - one post. Then, I realized I had a lot of photos (which is so true to form), so I posted this post, thinking - SURELY - that would do it. And, wouldn't you know it... here I am, posting a third round. Not that I'm complaining. :) By the way, these photos make me think of her future senior [...]

Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Kimber, Spring 2015, pt II

April, 10 2015

I split this post into two because, as is usual, I took A LOT of photos of this kid. What can I say? I REALLY can't help myself. :) She look so grown up in this photo, I can't stand it. We left the park, warmed up in the car, and headed to Schenck Mansion to do a little more shooting. I was asked to take some photos of the grounds and mansion, so I took the opportunity to drag [...]

Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Kimber, Spring 2015, pt I

April, 09 2015

I grew up in a biiiiiig family. The kind where I have 2nd, 3rd, and probably 4th cousins that I don't even know. But, even so, I still found a way to attach myself to a couple of people in particular. This sweet one's momma was one of those people. And now, this sweet one herself is one of those people. One of my favorite parts about being back in Indiana is proximity to [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Cincinnati Senior Photographer :: Emily’s Senior Photos

March, 19 2015

Meet Emily. I know, she's gorgeous! And, best part is, she is beautiful, inside and out. I had the best time hanging out and getting to know her more! EMILY. OH MY GOODNESS. Let me know when you sign your modeling contract, mmmk? :) I love candid photos, and senior sessions don't always allow for moments like this. So, I couldn't help myself when she stopped for a [...]


March, 11 2015

9 years with you. This 9th year has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE. But we both know it's been so much more than that. There isn't a word to accurately say it; there isn't a way to accurately describe it. 9 years ago, I stood, holding your hands, committing to a life I would have never predicted. 9 years ago, I promised my forever to you, not knowing what that forever would be. 9 [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Covington KY Engagement Photos:: Lindsey and Tyler

March, 04 2015

Tyler and Lindsey - easily the world's bravest and most dedicated couple and clients. Their engagement session took place on what HAD to be the COLDEST DAY ON THIS EARTH. I'm not even joking you. I have NEVER been so cold IN MY LIFE. BUT THESE TWO. Seriously, these two. They ROCKED the cold weather, and these photos are proof of their awesomeness. :) And LINDSEY. Dang, [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Kansas City Senior Photographer:: Laryn’s Senior Photos

January, 26 2015

Meet Laryn. She's a gorgeous girl, has great style, and was SO much fun to have in front of my camera!Oh, and her eyes? 100% NOT photoshopped. Yeah, it's ridiculous. Laryn:: I had a blast spending this time with you. You rocked these photos - thank you for having me!! and, just like Alyssa, Laryn has a twin. :) here are a few more of the two of them together... [...]

Louisville Senior Photographer // Kansas City Senior Photographer:: Alyssa’s Senior Photos

January, 26 2015

Meet Alyssa.She is beautiful inside and out. She also has one of the sweetest, most generous souls. It was an honor to get to photograph her. Alyssa:: You were a joy to photograph, and I'm so thankful you asked me to do this for you! sidenote: Alyssa has a twin sister, Laryn. So, of course, we had to take some of the two of them. [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: A Niederman Family Farm Wedding Reception:: Darin and Emilee (pt 2)

January, 21 2015

Darin and Emilee had the most perfect wedding, followed by the sweetest wedding reception. Just like their engagement session, one post wasn't enough. (see the engagement session here and again here.) Following the wedding, we had some time for the coldest best ever :) bride and groom photos. And we BARELY squeezed these in - it was a gray day (which are my favorites), so the [...]

the whites went to gatlinburg

January, 05 2015

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE the people we are lucky enough to call friends? We were also lucky enough to get away for a week right before Christmas, and spend that time with some of our most favorite people on earth. We were there for a few days, and I started by taking my big camera everywhere we went. After a couple of days, I switched to using my phone, so [...]

a new year, a new home

January, 02 2015

Friends who have known us a while have heard this phrase so much, it probably hurts their ears by now. WE'RE MOVING. It has been nothing short of being one of the most difficult decisions we've ever made, but it has also been the absolute best decision we've ever made. Funny how life works like that. While we were in Indiana, interviewing and exploring what will be our new [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: First Church of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky :: Darin and Emilee and their joy filled, sweet, and beautiful wedding (pt 1)

January, 01 2015

Darin and Emilee had one of the (if not THE) most beautiful weddings I've been a part of. The morning leading up to the ceremony was buzzing with excitement and anticipation - all of their friends and family were absolutely bursting with joy and happiness for them, the boss and I included. And THEN. THEN there was their first look. And OH. MY. GOSH, it was perfect. Following [...]


December, 31 2014

We started 2014 completely differently than we had any other year - apart. I was celebrating with family in the correct timezone, and the boss was on the couch in Kansas, most likely engulfed in a Netflix original. Needless to say, 2014 wasn't our biggest beginning. But that's because it saved all of its excitement for the last 2 months. Our lives got flipped, turned upside [...]

Cincinnati Wedding and Engagement Photographer:: Covington KY Engagement Photos of Tanner and Kelti

December, 29 2014

Tanner and Kelti. Also known as the world's most ridiculously adorable pair.We took these in mid-December, and I think the high was only around -548* on this day. These two were awesome - they rocked it out like it was a balmy 10* day. :) I absolutely love these. Between the plaid blanket (man, I love plaid) and the two MODELS I was photographing, these photos are definitely some [...]

HIP-HIP, IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY! :: Celebrating Hannah and John

December, 28 2014

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7 Hannah and John:: Your wedding day was so perfectly you, and it tops my list of weddings I would shoot again in a heartbeat. Happy anniversary!! SEE THE WEDDING [...]

Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Kimber’s Christmas Photos

December, 24 2014

As you should know by now, I LOVE taking photos of this kid. Kimber, Christmas, 2014She started walking this fall and is now a constant blur - it's amazing that any of these are in focus. We busted out the sunglasses, found better lighting, and these have become some of my favorite photos of her. [...]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Brian and Sheena’s Perfect Proposal

December, 22 2014

Oh my goodness, I've been dying to post this for WEEKS. There has been so much happening around here, but more on that later. For now, here is Sheena and Brian and their perfect proposal...Sheena has been one of my absolute best friends since we were 6(?). She's been a part of some of the biggest decisions in my life, and almost every memory I have from the last 20 years includes [...]

Happy Wedding Day!!

December, 20 2014

YOOOOOOU GUUUUUUUUYSSSSSS. I've been anticipating this wedding for what might FORRREVVVVERRRR. And it's here. Darin and Emilee? YOU'RE THE BEST, AND WE ARE SO EXCITED! Happy wedding day to two of the most incredible individuals to grace this earth. As a team, you guys are going to ROCK THIS WORLD! to see the rest of Darin and Emilee's Downtown Cincinnati engagement session, click [...]

thank you

December, 19 2014

This is probably a little weird/random to these friends of mine, but I'd be remiss if I ended this crazy year without taking this time to say HELLO AND THANK YOU. I mean every bit of this: I would NOT be able to do this with you all. Tyler:: you rocked that wedding. Plus, the ladies loved you, so it was a win, no matter what. :) Also, you didn't judge me when I tried every flavor [...]