Louisville Children’s Photographer | Cincinnati Family Photographer | Kinsley Turns One

If you’ve spent any time around this blog, you’ll know that these three are familiar faces and very much loved clients. I photographed Ryan and Brittany for their engagement and their wedding, and I had the privilege to photograph Kinsley before her big birthday and again right after. I am completely honored each time they come […]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Cincinnati Family Photographer:: our favorites in Gatlinburg

OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T TAKE HOW PERFECT THEY ARE. BABY BOY, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! And these next three photos? The definition of I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN. OOOOOOH, the photo below is killllllliiiiiiinnnnng me. I looooove this baby, and I loooooove this mama. Gatlinburg, you were beautiful. Thanks for showing up in a big way […]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Moore Family

Oh. My. Word. I more than LOVED taking these photos – this little family is entirely too sweet, and they made my job so much fun and so easy. These five are officially favorites of mine. When they arrived, this little man’s sisters immediately began telling me all about their baby brother. I mean, literally, as soon as the […]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer | Hailey’s Senior Photos

Meet Hailey.  She is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I’ve met since moving to New Albany. Oh, and she’s AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! She introduced me to what might be my favorite location to shoot in Southern Indiana. OOOOH GIRL. HAILEY!! THANK YOU. Thank you for choosing me to do these for you. You are absolutely […]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer | Samuel’s Senior Photos

Meet Samuel. I LOVE his family, and this guy is no exception. Like every senior guy, he couldn’t wait to have his photos taken (please know that this statement is buried beneath a THICK layer of sarcasm). BUT. Also, like every other senior guy I’ve photographed, he trusted the process and we had a TON of fun!! […]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer | Emma’s Senior Photos

Meet Emma. She is incredibly gorgeous, and so stinking cute. She’s also one of the most giggly and smiley people I know. And I love that.We shot her photos on one of the many gorgeous trails that run through Olathe.These are two of my favorites!!I’m telling you, GORGEOUS!!!!And if you know Emma, you know that […]

Louisville Family Photographer:: Louisville Maternity Photographer:: The Ross Family at Locust Grove

These three are one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL families I’ve EVER met, inside and out. I was so excited to do these photos at Louisville’s historic Locust Grove – it was a gorgeous and perfect setting for such a gorgeous and perfect family. I have no idea how the world will recover from all of the […]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer | Devin’s Senior Photos

Meet Devin.She tops the list of my favorite seniors of all time. It doesn’t hurt that she chose some of the coolest locations for her session. We shot her session in downtown Cincinnati and in Washington Park. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. These are some of my faaaaaaves. Outfit change, location change. […]

Southern Indiana and Louisville Photographer | Amanda’s Senior Photos

Meet Amanda. Class of 2015, volunteer firefighter, killer trumpet player, and future surgeon. Um, HELLO, Miss Incredible. Her eyes? Not photoshopped. Not even a little bit.  I told her she can dream about being a surgeon all she wants, but one day, she’s going to have to give in to the call to be A SUPERMODEL. […]

Kansas City Family Photographer:: The D. Family (which happens to include the world’s cutest little boys)

This family. Seriously. Mom and Dad are INCREDIBLY talented people, from photography to videography to graphic design to singing… I’m blown away on a regular basis. IT’S RIDICULOUS. :) AND THESE KIDS. Have you ever seen cuter curls? The kids are insanely cute because HOLY SMOKES, just look at their parents. WOWZA. (wait, did I […]