Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Cincinnati Family Photographer:: our favorites in Gatlinburg

OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T TAKE HOW PERFECT THEY ARE. BABY BOY, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! And these next three photos? The definition of I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN. OOOOOOH, the photo below is killllllliiiiiiinnnnng me. I looooove this baby, and I loooooove this mama. Gatlinburg, you were beautiful. Thanks for showing up in a big way […]

Louisville Children’s Photographer:: Clarksville Family Photographer:: The Moore Family

Oh. My. Word. I more than LOVED taking these photos – this little family is entirely too sweet, and they made my job so much fun and so easy. These five are officially favorites of mine. When they arrived, this little man’s sisters immediately began telling me all about their baby brother. I mean, literally, as soon as the […]

Kansas City Family & Maternity Photographer:: The D. Family (which happens to include the world’s cutest little boys)

This family. Seriously. Mom and Dad are INCREDIBLY talented people, from photography to videography to graphic design to singing… I’m blown away on a regular basis. IT’S RIDICULOUS. :) AND THESE KIDS. Have you ever seen cuter curls? The kids are insanely cute because HOLY SMOKES, just look at their parents. WOWZA. (wait, did I […]

Cincinnati Family Photographer // Kansas City Family Photographer:: Lifestyle session of Hannah, Damian, and their sweet Little Miss!

I’m thinking you’ll recognize this gorgeous couple from when I obsessed over their wedding last year.          …. GAH. I still can’t get over how beautiful everything was! Anyway, moving on…. I was so pumped to get to do family photos for them this year. The three of them are a ridiculously beautiful family […]

Cincinnati Photographer:: A Northern Kentucky Family (for now):: Ben+Leigh Ann+three incredible kids

Meet Ben+Leigh Ann+their 3 incredible kids. All five should just model full-time, no big deal… but I mean it, seriously. The lighting when we shot was horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE! There wasn’t a cloud in the forecast, it was beautiful out, and about 2 minutes into, it got SO DARK. So I start panicking, rushing, trying to […]

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/KANSAS CITY (oh my!) Family Photographer:: this family is THE BOMB.COM (is that still a phrase?)

The bomb.com? I’m totally shouting my lameness at you. But it’s my bloggy, I’ll be lame if I want to. :)This family IS THE BEST. THE COOLEST. THE BOOOOMB.We just love, love, LOVE them all. I can’t say enough good things, so I’ll just show them off like I own them. They’re mine. If I […]

Cincinnati Area Photographer:: Northern Kentucky Maternity Photographer:: Papa Pat, Mama Paula, and Baby Isa:: A BEAUTIFUL Family.

I can’t explain the joy and love I feel for this family. Not to mention, they are all  SO beautiful! I mean, come on, Paula! Gorgeous! I’ve never done maternity before, and I would say that Paula was the most perfect model to start with. :) And, of course, ALL of these photos are my favorites. But… […]