Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Rainy Northern Kentucky Engagement Photos:: Sam and Emily are getting marrrrriiiiieeeed

These two. Oh my word. They’ll wed in September, and I cannot wait. Sam and Emily. The world’s most perfect wearers of the color yellow. These last 5… 6…. 7ish are my absolute favorites. It was pouring rain on this day, but with a huge move in the forecast, we had to shoot, rain or no […]

Cincinnati Area Photographer:: Burlington, KY//Northern Kentucky Lifestyle Photographer:: Bob and Moriah sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G….

Oh my… Bob and Moriah. I am pretty sure these two are the cutest kids I know. And, of course, by kids, I’m referring to two 20-something year olds.            But whatever. But before I let you get on to the photos, I need to make sure I explain what these are… […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: J and C and their Downtown Cincinnati Proposal

[when she eventually spotted me spying from some shrubs :)] some impromptu engagement photos following the big question… [*sigh*…. one of my favorites] [these are two more of my favorites…*sigh* again…. ] This evening presented a ton of new challenges for me – running and trying to not get spotted (aka, brushing up on my ninja skills), […]

Downtown Cincinnati Engagement Photographer | Cincinnati Reds Stadium | Stephanie and Bobby

Stephanie and Bobby are so fun and unique, and my man and I had tons of fun wandering downtown in search of equally fun and equally unique shooting locations for their sweet engagement photos. And, I probably don’t need to mention how we were stoked when they asked if we could feature their love for Cincinnati sports…. […]

Cincinnati Area/Northern Kentucky Photographer::Just Because Couples Photographer:: Fabulous People: Rusty and Kyaira

I’m not sure why I chose to use the word fabulous for these two…. maybe because THEY ARE. They really, really are. We had such a great time shooting because they are two of the sweetest, most easy-going, fun-to-be-around people I know. They were married last year, and were looking for some more natural photos to […]

Cincinnati Area/Northern Kentucky Photographer::Southeast Indiana Engagement:: Soon To Be Mr. and Mrs.

the one on the left perfectly sums up our afternoon the one on the right… well, I loooove it um, hello, BEAUTIFUL this alley was my favorite place from the shoot the lighting was ah!mazing :) hands-down, my favorite picture caught a little glare with this one, and it couldn’t be more perfect! Kelly and […]