Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Connor and Kelsi, George Rogers Clark Park Proposal Photography

Connor proposed to Kelsi on the most perfect October day. I end every proposal with a quick engagement session, and these are *always* some of my favorite photos to shoot. There’s nothing like this moment immediately following your engagement. I was and still am OBSESSED with these two. They were beautiful to photograph and so […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Adam and Kayla, Devou Park Proposal Photography

As a Cincinnati proposal photographer, I’ve seen a lot of incredible proposals. Every groom-to-be spends so much time planning and creating the most perfect moment, and this season of shooting has been the best. This proposal was the last I shot early this spring – the end of the “season,” if you will. And I […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Ryan and Rachel, Devou Park Proposal Photography

Being a Cincinnati area proposal photographer has been SUCH a joy this year. I have had the best time photographing the sweetest moments, and Ryan and Rachel’s proposal was no exception. And I am OBSESSED with this Cincinnati skyline at Devou Park. This is the most epic and perfect location, and I’ve loved shooting there […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Naved and Aleeya, Devou Park Proposal Photography

Ok, are you ready for the sweetest proposal story and gift idea? Every year, for Aleeya’s Valentine’s Day gift, Naved commissions coloring pages that tell the story of the previous year together. This year, he had all of the pages bound into a book… and added a very special last page to it. 😍 I […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | George Rogers Clark Park Proposal Photography

(I was FOR SURE stalking them from inside of my car at this point 😂) I have loved this recent season of proposal photography. It’s been such a sweet time, getting to meet some of the most wonderful couples. When Zach mentioned wanting iconic Cincinnati landmarks in their proposal photos, I knew exactly where to […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Derek and Hailey, Lumaze Lights Proposal Photography

Shooting proposals as a Cincinnati proposal photographer is at the top of my list of my favorite things to do. I get to meet the sweetest couples and document the most special time for them. Derek and Hailey are the CUTEST couple – I adored getting to know them during this! Derek proposed at Cincinnati’s Lumaze Light […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Cody and Shannon, Fountain Square Proposal Photography

Shooting proposals is at the top of my list of my faaavorite things to do. Being a Cincinnati proposal photographer is one of the best parts of my job. And when my client is a groom picking a location like this 🤩 ummm hello. Cody and Shannon are two of the cutest ever, and Cincinnati’s […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Cody and Hannah, Krohn Conservatory Proposal Photography

Getting to photograph proposals is such a gift, and I’m not shy when it comes to the fact that I’m really dang good at it. 😆🤷 I love when my grooms-to-be trust me and ask my opinion because they know I know what I’m doing! And there’s nothing better than that. Can we talk about […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Obi and Rylee, Devou Park Proposal Photography

I truly love photographing proposals. And I really love shooting at Devou Park, especially this overlook. 😍 I’ve been shooting proposals for almost 10 years, and I’m proud to be able to bring a certain expertise to it. When Obi and I talked about his afternoon with Rylee, I was excited to get to help […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Sam and Liz, Lisse Restaurant Proposal Photography

Being a proposal photographer is so much fun and always exciting. I get to meet the best people, hang out in the coolest places, and see some of the most beautiful moments take place. This Lisse Restaurant proposal was no exception to all of those things. My favorite part of this night could easily have […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | T.J. and Grace’s University of Cincinnati Proposal Photography

This University of Cincinnati proposal was so much fun to be a part of. The weather was beautiful and the location was perfect. Oh, and the couple was one of the cutest and sweetest I’VE EVER MET. I love the details of every proposal, and this one was no exception. Under the ruse of getting family […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Andrew and Melanie’s Purple People Bridge Proposal

When Andrew and I originally chatted about his proposal to Melanie, we planned for a Spring day in March on the Purple People Bridge. I envisioned a bridge full of people enjoying the weather – people I could easily blend in with, maintaining my proposal photographer anonymity. However, in true Cincinnati fashion, the Spring weather […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Scott and Devin’s Pigeon Forge Proposal

Sometimes, two people who mean the world to you decide to get married. You photograph their big moment, and then you spend a weird amount of time trying to write a post about them, but you come up short because sometimes words can’t do justice to the way you feel. (Scott’s hands… ta da!  … haha!) . […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Lucas and Aubrey Proposal Photography

This was a record-breaking proposal for me… it was the absolute darkest setting I’ve been asked to photograph. Quite the challenge, but I absolutely love that Lucas chose to ask Aubrey to be his bride under the glow of twinkling lights. Following the big question, we walked for a few minutes (it was FREEZING. and […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Tim and Kelly, a Xavier University Proposal Photography

When Tim emailed about proposing to his bride-to-be, I was more than excited to be there to document it! We planned on a sweet riverfront proposal, but a last minute festival had Tim scrambling to find a new location. We ended up at Cincinnati’s Xavier University, and it left me questioning why this wasn’t our […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Ryan and Nicole’s Mt. Adams Steps Proposal Photography

I was so excited when Ryan, who is a currently a Pennsylvania resident, got in touch about surprising his girlfriend on the Mt. Adams steps in Cincinnati. Since she had no idea he was even in Cincinnati, he had to deploy some pretty stealthy hiding skills as she climbed the steps to where he was […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer | Patrick and Carolyn’s Mt. Adams Steps Proposal Photography

Patrick did such a good job surprising his bride-to-be, not once, but TWICE on this day. To begin with, she had no idea that the little detour they were taking to the Mt. Adams steps wasn’t a part of a run-of-the-mill date night. I had never been to these steps before, but now that I […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Jake and Jennifer’s Downtown Cincinnati, Reds Opening Day Proposal Photography (pt. 2)

These two were engaged downtown on Reds Opening Day, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I was honored to be there to photograph it, as well as a quick engagement session following the big question. These are always some of my favorite photos because the bride-to-be is still settling into what just happened, and […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Jake and Jennifer’s Downtown Cincinnati, Reds Opening Day Proposal Photography (pt. 1)

Jake contacted me during a what I have been calling “proposal week” – I was contacted by FOUR grooms-to-be, but couldn’t make the timing work with anyone but Jake. I’d say that means this was absolutely meant to be, and I am SO THANKFUL! He couldn’t have been a nicer, kinder gentleman, and his bride to […]

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Mike and Julie, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Proposal Photography (pt. 2)

For all of my proposal clients, I am always excited to shoot a few engagement style photos following the big question. This is such a sweet moment, and I love gifting these images to my clients. To see Mike and Julie’s full proposal story, click here!

Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Mike and Julie, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Proposal Photography (pt. 1)

I don’t think I really even have the words for this proposal – it was just incredible! Mike emailed me about his plan to propose in the Cincinnati Airport, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVED that idea. Airports are special places to me, especially this one, so I was immediately on board. Then we talked […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Brian and Sheena’s Perfect Proposal

Oh my goodness, I’ve been dying to post this for WEEKS. There has been so much happening around here, but more on that later. For now, here is Sheena and Brian and their perfect proposal…Sheena has been one of my absolute best friends since we were 6(?). She’s been a part of some of the […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Thad and Jen’s Romantic Devou Park Proposal

EEEEEK! OH MY WORD, this proposal is, hands-down, one of my favorites. Thad and Jen are THE SWEETEST, happiest, cutest couple around. And their proposal was nothing short of all of those things, as well.   can you see the excitement in this one? I LOVE IT! those people in the back? they are family […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Todd and Katie’s Cincinnati Riverfront Proposal

I wholeheartedly LOVE downtown Cincinnati. And, in photographing Katie and Todd’s proposal, I decided that I love the downtown riverfront EVEN MORE. But, enough about that. Meet Todd and Katie. Something else I LOVED? Getting to meet these two and photograph their riverfront proposal. It was all of my favorite things, wrapped into one. WOO! I […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Antoine and Taylor’s Miami University Proposal

Miami University is officially on my list of places to photograph a wedding. SO, if you are getting married there, I’M YOUR GIRL. Or, even if you’re not, I can still be your [wedding photographer] girl. :) But while I’m waiting on that wedding, I’m perfectly happy photographing surprise proposals. :)  Especially when they are this sweet. […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: J and C and their Downtown Cincinnati Proposal

[when she eventually spotted me spying from some shrubs :)] some impromptu engagement photos following the big question… [*sigh*…. one of my favorites] [these are two more of my favorites…*sigh* again…. ] This evening presented a ton of new challenges for me – running and trying to not get spotted (aka, brushing up on my ninja skills), […]

Cincinnati Proposal and Engagement Photographer:: Elk Creek Vineyards:: Daryl and Mellessa are engaged!

I can’t tell you how happy I am for these two. My man and I are so blessed to have so many amazing friends, and these two are two of the best. Daryl (we’ll just refer to him as Dylan for the remainder of this. … it’s complicated. :) ) couldn’t have planned this night […]