Southern Indiana and Louisville Wedding Photographer:: The Madison, Covington Wedding:: Corey and Ashley

I wrapped up my wedding photography career with this wedding, and I could not have asked for a better way to end. Corey and Ashley were picture-perfect, and they were absolutely the most fun. We literally almost lost appendages with record-breaking cold temperatures (my fingers were bruised from the cold!), but I dare say that […]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Wedding at Norlyn Manor:: Nicholas and Courtney

Courtney got ready at Black Rabbit Salon in Cincinnati, and I loooooved using their unique space for her detail photos. The boss second shot this wedding with me, and gooooooosssssshhhhh, he KILLED IT. These next three images are some of my FAVORITES, and they were all him. Oh, and COURTNEY!!! You are STUNNING! They had Holtman’s […]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Lakeside Christian Church // Longworth Hall Wedding:: Bryan and Annie

Bryan and Annie had one of THE most beautiful days I’ve been a part of. The weather was PERFECT…. well, except for when the wind tried to tear Annie’s veil away. : ) But the dress, the details, the families, the friends, THE COUPLE… oh my gosh, I can’t say enough good and wonderful things […]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Creation Museum and First Church of Christ Wedding:: Thad and Jen

Thad and Jen are THE PICTURE of love. Their entire day was so absolutely beautiful and perfect, and it really was because the two of them are completely Christ-centered and absolutely head-over-heels for each other. IT. WAS. PERFECT. For starters. THIS DRESS. Custom and jaw-dropping, it was to die for.  Just because you choose to […]

Louisville Wedding Photographer // Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Boone Links Golf Course Wedding:: Lindsey and Tyler

Tyler and Lindsey’s wedding day was everything a photographer could ask for. 1. the most BEAUTIFUL bride 2. a fun-loving and dapper groom 3. the sweetest, most loving family 4. a laid-back, relaxed group of friends 5. the cutest details 6. AND EVERYTHING ELSE! Seriously. See for yourself. Starting with this dress. (SWOON!) And this hairpin! […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: A Niederman Family Farm Wedding Reception:: Darin and Emilee (pt 2)

Darin and Emilee had the most perfect wedding, followed by the sweetest wedding reception. Just like their engagement session, one post wasn’t enough. (see the engagement session here and again here.) Following the wedding, we had some time for the coldest best ever :) bride and groom photos. And we BARELY squeezed these in – it was a […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: First Church of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky :: Darin and Emilee and their joy filled, sweet, and beautiful wedding (pt 1)

Darin and Emilee had one of the (if not THE) most beautiful weddings I’ve been a part of. The morning leading up to the ceremony was buzzing with excitement and anticipation – all of their friends and family were absolutely bursting with joy and happiness for them, the boss and I included. And THEN. THEN there was […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Farm Haven, Union, Kentucky :: Ashley and Josh’s perfectly beautiful and downright fun :) wedding day

Oh my word. Ashley and Josh’s wedding day had phenomenal weather in a picture perfect setting at Farm Haven.  The fact that their friends and families were so welcoming and TONS of fun was icing on the cake. Oh, and Ashley and Josh? RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT. Words can’t do them justice. But that’s what photos are for. :) (oh yeah, this is another […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Avery and Shaun’s BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Creation Museum gardens

  Shaun and Avery’s day was EVERYTHING. It was gorgeous and glamorous, absolutely beautiful; it was sweet and charming, with so many perfect handmade details; it was classic and timeless, and filled with vintage details. Seriously, it was everything. And then, add in a dashing groom, and a breathtaking bride, and this was the BEST DAY […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Ali and Alex and their Rising Sun Historical Museum wedding day, which was, by the way, PERFECT

This wedding day was perfect in so many ways, it’s a little bit ridiculous. :) Alex and Ali were married in my hometown, Rising Sun. There’s something about shooting in the place that I know better than any other place on Earth. But enough about that. Onto their perfect day. Starting with Ali’s PERFECT gown! […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer :: Hannah and John’s December wedding day

(comments are STILL not working on this website – again, I’m in the process of restarting THIS process… in the meantime, head to facebook and show these two some love!)   Hannah gifted her bridesmaids with these sweet necklaces. Not only were gorgeous, but they matched the girls outfits perfectly. :)If this isn’t the best […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Ryan and Brittany’s most beautiful wedding day

Ryan and Brittany had the absolute most beautiful wedding day. And Brittany was the absolute most beautiful bride! Brittany, you were stunning. You ARE stunning!!!!! By the way, it was like NEGATIVE A BILLION degrees out. These two ROCKED these photos. The father of the bride and mother of the groom dances were SO sweet. I […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Sam and Emily’s Beautiful Burlington Fall Wedding Day

OH MY GOODNESS. THESE TWO PEOPLE. They are ABSOLUTELY amazing. And their wedding? So perfect! One of those in which there was absolutely nothing more important to each of them on this day than each other. You know what I mean. Everything on Earth could have gone wrong, but at the end of the day, […]

Cincinnati // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Kasie and Keith’s wedding, the wedding that I almost stayed afterwards as a guest because it was JUST THAT AWESOME

Kasie and Keith are incredible people, and I have been so lucky to have known each for a long time. I could not wait for this wedding – I knew that it would be so reflective of the two of them, and being an outdoor ceremony at the bride’s family home, I knew that the love in […]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer // Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Derek and Bailey and the most BEAUTIFUL Asbury University wedding

(well, how about that title. sheesh…) Oh. My. Goodness. This is absolutely one of my most favorite weddings I’ve photographed. It doesn’t hurt that these two are incredible and beautiful, inside and out. And it doesn’t hurt that they married each other in a beautiful place: Asbury University. And it’s probably pretty helpful that their entire bridal […]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Stephanie and Bobby’s Southeast Indiana Wedding:: that time I was shot with a firework…

It threatened rain all morning and into the afternoon, even sprinkling here and there, with a cloud of humidity sticking to everyone and everything. But Stephanie and Bobby made it work on their very “Indiana summer” wedding day.        (a new and awesome phrase. meaning, it was hot. and humid.) But it was perfect. We choose to shoot outside whenever […]

Indianapolis Area Wedding Photographer:: Lebanon, Indiana:: Lumiere Spa and Resort:: David and Katie’s beautiful [and HOT!] May ceremony

I’ve began this post a few different times, a few different ways. This is one of those weddings that I just can’t say enough about, so I wonder if I should try to even say anything. I was going to start with this:: I went to a small high school. Seriously. SMALL. One of those where […]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Alyssa and Noel’s [the biggest University of Kentucky Fans] Newport Celebration

From the UK basketball references in their wedding vows, to their cake-cutting with ponchos and goggles, Noel and Alyssa’s wedding celebration was as much fun as it was perfect for them. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful celebration, and we are so thankful to have been a part of it. Alyssa and […]