Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Ali and Alex and their Rising Sun Historical Museum wedding day, which was, by the way, PERFECT

This wedding day was perfect in so many ways, it's a little bit ridiculous. :) Alex and Ali were married in my [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Jess and Eric’s Incredible Wedding at First Church Union Campus

Oh, this wedding. And OH, these two. It was, by far, one of the sweetest, most perfect days I've been a part [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Jill and Craig’s Spring Grove and Redmoor Theather Celebration

  Jill and Craig had the most PERFECT wedding day. And because it took me FOREVER to blog it, they are getting [...]

Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Paola Town Square:: Sam and Abi

  Sam and Abi's wedding day was the absolute BEST way to kick off the 2014 season. 1. Abi is jaw-dropping [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer :: Hannah and John’s December wedding day

(comments are STILL not working on this website - again, I'm in the process of restarting THIS process... in the [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Ryan and Brittany’s most beautiful wedding day

Ryan and Brittany had the absolute most beautiful wedding day. And Brittany was the absolute most beautiful [...]

Kansas City Wedding Photographer: This Blog + The Imago Vita Workshop

Hey friends.   I am SO BEHIND on posting around here. I thought I'd FINALLY get around to sharing some [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Sam and Emily’s Beautiful Burlington Fall Wedding Day

OH MY GOODNESS. THESE TWO PEOPLE. They are ABSOLUTELY amazing. And their wedding? So perfect! One of those in [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: shooting wedding photos with an iPhone. YES, AN iPHONE.

So, this one time, I went to Florida and helped photograph a wedding. I was in charge of the first look, which I was [...]

Cincinnati // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Kasie and Keith’s wedding, the wedding that I almost stayed afterwards as a guest because it was JUST THAT AWESOME

Kasie and Keith are incredible people, and I have been so lucky to have known each for a long time. I could [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Joe and Stacey’s perfect wedding day

Joe and Stacey. So very, incredibly sweet. These two are undoubtedly head over heels for each other. The way Joe [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer // Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Derek and Bailey and the most BEAUTIFUL Asbury University wedding

(well, how about that title. sheesh...) Oh. My. Goodness. This is absolutely one of my most favorite weddings I've [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer // Kansas City Wedding Photographer:: Brian and Amanda’s AMAZING Northern Kentucky Nuptials

Brian and Amanda's wedding day. It was oh so wonderful. I love these two pictures... just [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Hannah and Damian’s BEAUTIFUL day!

If you've followed me any over the past few weeks, you've see a few of these photos, as well as read a bit into my [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Southeast Indiana Wedding Photographer:: Lindsay and Jake

There are too many things I loved about this wedding, and I could go on and on about all of the bits and pieces that [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Stephanie and Bobby’s Southeast Indiana Wedding:: that time I was shot with a firework…

It threatened rain all morning and into the afternoon, even sprinkling here and there, with a cloud of humidity [...]

Indianapolis Area Wedding Photographer:: Lebanon, Indiana:: Lumiere Spa and Resort:: David and Katie’s beautiful [and HOT!] May ceremony

I've began this post a few different times, a few different ways. This is one of those weddings that I just can't say [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Northern Kentucky Receptions Photographer:: Brandi and Alex

This post has been so hard to get posted -                  I think my blog can't handle all of the [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Alyssa and Noel’s [the biggest University of Kentucky Fans] Newport Celebration

From the UK basketball references in their wedding vows, to their cake-cutting with ponchos and goggles, Noel and [...]

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Southeast Indiana:: Billy loves Amber

This wedding day was amazing. But, then again, every wedding day I've been a part of has been simply wonderful. [...]

A Black and White Sneek-A-Peek

This preview is a little unorthodox for me,                                                   [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: a sunset and a red sofa.

*sigh* I love these pictures. Maybe it was the sunset. Maybe it was the couch. Maybe it was that love was in the [...]

Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Patriot, Indiana:: Garen loves Melissa

Simply put, this wedding was FUN. And I mean, TONS. TONS-O'-FUN. Not only are Garen and Melissa two of the world's [...]

Sneak-A-Peek:: Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: The Reeeesss. Rees’s. Reeses.

Their new last name is hard to figure out. But they are amazing and adorable and beautiful and fun. It's just not [...]