Cincinnati and Kansas City Photographer:: last year’s Christmas photos

Yep, more Christmas photos.

I was holding onto all of these because each family was sending Christmas cards, and I didn’t want to spoil that for them! But, then the usual happened… I forgot I even had them. Yikes, I will be adding “GET ORGANIZED” to my daily schedule.

First, one of my absolute, love them more than anything, favorite couples in the world.

Meagan-White-Photo---Jarrod-and-Christy-Christmas-001-004 Meagan-White-Photo---Jarrod-and-Christy-Christmas-002 Meagan-White-Photo---Jarrod-and-Christy-Christmas-003 Meagan-White-Photo---Jarrod-and-Christy-Christmas-005

 And, now, one of my absolute, love her more than anything, favorite babies in the world.

Kimber-Christmas-001 Kimber-Christmas-009 Kimber-Christmas-014 Kimber-Christmas-015 Kimber-Christmas-017 Kimber-Christmas-019 Kimber-Christmas-022

It seriously doesn’t get much better than this, folks.

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