Cincinnati Area Event Photographer:: NBA vs UK Charity Basketball Game

The Northern Kentucky charity, Launch,
had a fundraising event couple of weeks ago,
and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it.

Starting bright and early, I spent the day with former NBA players,
photographing them from the time they had breakfast,
through way past my bedtime. :)

And let’s be real here…
I’m not really a basketball fan,
but, after this weekend, I think I could become one.
Because, my goodness, this was fun!

Here are few shots from game time, from half-time,
and some from a short practice.

(and, yeah, there were some former UK guys there, too…
but I’m from Indiana (woo!), so it’s not like I can go on and on
about how great it was to meet them… duh. :)
(ok, honestly, I didn’t really get to know or spend time with any of them,
but I’m sure they are super nice guys, also. :)

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