Cincinnati Area Event Photographer :: Rend Collective Experiment

I posted this a few days ago, but I wanted to update with a few more pictures. It’s taken me a bit of time to sift through and find the images I want to share. Sooorry.

Life has hit fast-speed since we went to this “concert.”
Actually, the more fitting word would be “experience.”
Because it was an experience.

An AMAZING experience.

But, I digress…..
where was I… life… fast-speed…. oh, yeah, anyway…



And, in the midst of that, I started a NEW job (yes, again), and am now working the good ol’ 8-5, Monday through Friday…. it’s been 3 years since I’ve done this, and I’m slowly getting my unorganized self in gear. With this job comes the loss of the occasional late morning or early afternoon, a.k.a. my picture sorting time. And that means that I’m a tad bit slower at cranking out web-ready images.

And so is my computer.

For real.

But, again, I’m off topic…
I just want to state, for the record, that I have plenty of excuses, I mean reasons for being so behind. PLENTY. :)
So, back to these pictures….

This band was super-fantastic, and super fun to shoot. Super fun.
The entire night was super fun. But more on that later.

Most of the pictures I shot of them got sharpened up in PS, and then hit the Internet. That’s about all I’ve had time for! As you’ll see, I did desaturate a few. And that was the extent of the “editing.” (yep, black and white is as fancy as it gets… I’m a real gem at Photoshop, I tell ya)

(wish I would have cropped this one…. like, that random elbow on the right…)
But, in all seriousness, check out this band. They have a pretty fancy website, and some pretty fancy music to go along with it.  Enjoy. :)

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