Cincinnati Area:: Northern Kentucky Children’s Photographer:: Bathtime!

I spent an evening with this amazing little miss and her amazing parents,
and I can’t get over how incredibly cute she is!

It’s not news around here that I’m  in love with her and her parents,
but seriously? I love her!

One response to “Cincinnati Area:: Northern Kentucky Children’s Photographer:: Bathtime!”

  1. kelseylynae says:

    I can’t get over these! Too precious [and great pics, as always]. The last one is too cute for words!!!

    Miss you guys…

    AND I seriously can’t believe that out of 550 pages you and I were touched by the same EXACT quote in that book?! Seriously? Oh my goodness… LIFERS for sure and that proves why :)

    Miss you guys…

    Oh but I already said that.

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