Cincinnati Area Photographer:: Northern KY Senior Girls Photographer:: Cassidy

Holy. Smokes.

This girl is awesome.

Oh, and she’s incredibly gorgeous. But whatever. :)

I had so much fun shooting these photos –
Cassidy was a fantastic model!
At one point we had
a squirrel chuck a nut out of the tree and at her poor, innocent head.
I’m not exaggerating. The squirrel launched that thing!
But, she was such a pro, she didn’t let it phase her
(after the initial shock and reaction, of course… my reaction being CRACKING UP LAUGHING.
       oh, man, does that make me an AWFUL person?).
Right about when we were shooting this sequence,
a weird group of boys (is there really any other kind?)
stopped – in the middle of my frame, by the way – and stared.
Like, really stared.
I mean, I can’t blame them. She’s a doll! But, really?
[Note to all teenage boys::
    sure, it’s nice of you to admire the girls,
    but staring like a WEIRDO will not get you a date.
        I promise.]
Just gorgeous.
It’s too much.


GAH! This light was money, I loved it!


I hope you didn’t find me too… um…
… how about too much. :)
I had such a great time with you,
and you did an AWESOME job!
I know I kept telling you that the light was amazing,
but you worked it!! These photos wouldn’t have been nearly as great
with anyone else because, girl, YOU GOT IT. :)

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