Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer | Joe and Stacey

Joe and Stacey.
So very, incredibly sweet.
These two are undoubtedly head over heels for each other.
The way Joe is always watching her, the way she can’t stop smiling at him…. it’s too much!
They were wed in little ol’ Rising Sun, and naturally, I enjoyed knowing my way around a bit. :)
But what I enjoyed most was seeing Stacey so happy.
And, while I hadn’t met Joe before that day,
I was also so happy for him – they both have found the one their souls love.

They both prepared for their big day in Rising Sun’s historic Empire House Hotel.
I absolutely loved the details of the building and the old fashioned feel that the rooms had.

Y’all, not only do I have the best clients,
but I also get to work with the best second shooters.

The bridesmaids were having trouble working all the buttons and zippers that are inevitably on every wedding dress.
(It doesn’t help that this awesome historic building also had not-so-awesome historic lighting.
Dang, these rooms were dark!)

My super second shooter Pat stepped right up with his flashlight (there’s an app for that :) ), and saved the day.
Well, at least he saved some bridesmaids some eye strain.

The lace on Stacey’s dress was my favorite – I LOVE lace.

And it doesn’t hurt that the bride wearing the lace was amazing. Holy smokes, beautiful!

Couldn’t decide again. Oh well. Why choose when you can just post both, right?

Joe and Stacey::

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having us along on such a fun day.
We so enjoyed being there and seeing you both so stinking happy!!
You are a perfect and beautiful couple!!

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