Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Patriot, Indiana:: Garen loves Melissa

Simply put, this wedding was FUN.
And I mean, TONS. TONS-O’-FUN.
Not only are Garen and Melissa two of the world’s greatest people,
                                                         but they are also two of the most beautiful (Garen, I called you beautiful… take it and like it. :) )
                                                               they are two of the funniest.
                                                                             two of the kindest.
                                                        And so are their families! We had an incredible time spending the day with them,
and I am so glad to finally be able to share a bit from our time together…
[when you start the day with these shoes, there’s no way it’s not gonna rock.]

[Melissa handmade all of these! um, hello, Crafty-Woman. can I place my order for one? because they are beautiful!]
Speaking of beautiful…
MELISSA! you’re beyond gorgeous, for real.
And what else could such a beautiful bride need besides such a dapper groom…
…yep, Garen, I think you fit that bill nicely :)
after making it officially official,
we had a chance to catch Garen’s and Melissa’s personalities…
[aaaaand, quite possibly my favorite pictures of the day.]

and then let’s add in their fabulous friends…
and onto the party!
[oh, and if the handmade everything wasn’t enough,
check out that invitation. oh yes,
ugh, the creativity is annoyingly amazing. :) ]

I’ll end it on this note, because it’s a happy one. I could keep posting more and more from this night, there were so many happy memories to document. This celebration was so full of laughter and joy, and my man and I are so honored to have been a part of it. M and G – we thank you again, from the bottoms of our hearts. You both were amazing to work with, and we absolutely loved being a part of the love from your big day.
So thank you,
          you dang beautiful people. :)

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