Cincinnati Area Wedding Photographer:: Rising Sun, Indiana:: Jason loves Kelly

            … definitely one of THE most popular wedding dates in history.
               …. but that’s not why this date holds meaning to me.
Do you wanna know why it holds meaning?
Do ya? Doooo ya?
          Ok, I’ll tell you.
          It is the date of the first wedding I’ve shot as a real-life-wedding-photographer.
                           Oh yes, that right there is why this date holds meaning – holler!
                                                …and that, my friends, is also why there are a gazillion pictures posted. really. A GAZILLION. please do enjoy. :)
But none of this matters because none of it is why this date is truly special.
                 To Kelly and Jason, this date is so much more than anything I mentioned.
                           09.10.11 will forever be the date they pledged their love and their lives to one another.
                                      It will forever be the date they chose to share that love with their family and their friends.
                                             And I am so honored that they chose to share it with me.
I couldn’t have been happier that my first bride and groom were Kelly and Jason. They are incredibly special to me, and I am so blessed and excited that they chose me to tag along on this incredibly special day. Of all of the 09.10.11 weddings happening that day, I have no doubt that this one was the best.
            Seriously. It was.  :)
Here are just a few (HA!) pictures to help tell their story…
[I’d just like to take this moment to point out how YELLOW this room was. That is all, thank you.]
[the essentials :)]
[love this – bride turned make-up artist]
[to see the beautiful bride’s portraits, click here]
[This kid was entirely too cute. I mean, do you SEE that look he’s giving me?]
[they are brothers… can you tell? :)]
[I mean, really, cutest wedding party EVER.]
[not to ruin this super great wedding moment, but don’t you love the lopsided watermark on this one? ugh.]
[This shot was taken immediately after they stepped out of the church – isn’t she beautiful and so happy to be married!?]
[Jason’s sweet grandmother passed away just weeks after the wedding, and I hope that this picture is one these two will be able to cherish forever.]

K+J:: I am so happy for you two, and I am so happy to be able to give you these memories of your wonderful day. I love you both!

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