Cincinnati Children’s Photographer:: Julia turned ONE!


This little bundle of love turned one last week.

….. SHE’S ONE?!!!

How is that possible?!

Sheesh. Kids these days, turning one a lot faster than they did in my day, I tell ya what.


She may be an official one year old now and officially on her way from of being a “baby”,
but she’s still as adorable and beautiful and sweet and all good things that I love to pieces.
(I can hear my teacher friends groaning at the terrible structure that is that sentence. My apologies. :) )
But instead of being a little bundle of baby love, these things are all wrapped up in a little firecracker of a girl.

I love this kid.

[ she’s showing me she’s one. HOW CUTE IS THAT?! ]

Her mama is super craft woman and can make just about anything.
She made the cutest dress and diaper cover with a matching headband
and asked if I’d shoot some 1st birthday pictures for them.

My answer? duh. … Oh, and yes. :)

Well, not only did she just whip together the cutest outfit,
but also the cutest decorations and props to shoot with.

Jealous is not an appropriate term to describe what I feel towards her crafting ability. :)

agh! I can’t handle how perfectly cute she is!
I mean, really.
I love this kid!
To my Baker-Bakers :) ::
I love you all. For real. You’re awesome.
And I absolutely adore this little, perfect person.
Thanks for blessing us with her. :)
Happy Birthday, Julia!

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