Cincinnati // Kansas City Family Photographer:: THIS FAMILY!!!!!!

I have no idea how to introduce this post.
Every time I begin to write something,
I get teary and smiley because I just love. this. family.
You’ve seen them here a time or two before…
and probably even more places that I haven’t listed.
I never get tire of seeing their faces.
So, before I launch into a full-blown sob-fest about how wonderful they are,
we’ll just move on…. here are mom and dad, aka Seth and Sammi,

And here is the sweet little miss.
The one my heart is obsessed with.

Oh, these two pictures.

and the first weeks he was a dad.  Since then, not much has changed.
I know they both love each other even deeper than they did then,
and these two pictures just make me want to bawl. Because I love them, OH MY GOSH.

Mama, Daddy, and Little Miss::

There are no words. You know I love and adore each of you.
You were three of the reasons it was so hard to leave,
but you are also three of the reasons we love to come visit.
Can’t wait to see you again soon, and until then,
I’ll just be printing each of these and basically wallpapering my house with your faces.
No big deal. :)

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