Cincinnati Music Photographer:: Belle Histoire, part I:: in Rabbit Hash…

I don’t know if y’all know this or not,
but Belle Histoire is this pretty incredibly awesome band that I’ve been obsessing over.
And, lucky me has had a chance to shoot them a few times now.
Back in May, we shot some new promo photos for their upcoming album release.
(you’ll actually find one of my photos (!) on their site)
One of the locations we went to was good ol’ Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.
And that, friends, is why I feel like it’s ok to use the word, “y’all.”
So, y’all, enjoy these photos.
I’ll post the rest from our time together later, but for now, here’s our trip to hillbilly land Rabbit Hash…
(this looks familiar, eh?)
***I’m updating this to add THIS. whoop whoop!*** 

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