Cincinnati Music Photographer:: Belle Histoire

If you haven’t heard of these guys,
you’re really missing out.
Jane, Wes, Austin, Aaron, and Mitch
are the awesome musicians of Belle Histoire,
and you should really have a listen
and you should really check out these photos
(and you should really “like” MeaganWhitePhoto on facebook, but whatever).
We had such a great time with them on this day,
and I think I almost had them convinced
that I am cool enough to be a member of their band.
I mean, they didn’t take me with them to their next show or anything,
but I really don’t think that means a final decision has been made, so we’ll see.

hey, Fab Five (it’s ok if I call you that, right? I mean, now that we’re all BFFs and all…)::
thanks for hanging out with us on that not-so-warm and not-so-dry day
(special thanks to Jane for not thinking I was wacky with that plastic bag).
you all totally rocked it, and I’m pumped you let me into the awesome rockstar world for a bit. :)
by the way, I SO think we could make it work as the Super Six,
so let me know if you need a back-up air guitarist… or drummer… or dancer… you know, whatever.

we’re counting down to the official album release – can’t wait!

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