Cincinnati Music Photographer:: Bunbury Music Festival:: Belle Histoire

What’s that?
Oh, nothing, just my BACKSTAGE PASS
You know, no big deal.
I mean, it’s not like I mingled and mixed with the likes of
(*nodding head* YES IT IS… IT’S JUST LIKE THAT!!!)
Ok, ok, so maaaaaybe I was in the same place at the same time as these people…
BUT – the best show of the day?
No contest::
They started their show on a beautiful afternoon in July,
one of the city’s warmest and driest months,  ever.
However, no sooner than they started the show,
the drought conditions we had been experiencing for months,
chose that exact time to change…. folks, it poured rain and thunderstormed like you wouldn’t believe.

But, these fans…. they are the best fans.
They stayed and sang through the rain,
and even after the festival shut down the show, they waited.

The waiting paid off.
Because Belle Histoire is so super fantastic,
they appreciated the loyalty by performing a
surprise little acoustic ditty (I have no idea if I’m using that phrase right)
while they waited for the stage to be dried.

The sang, they danced, they got the all-clear to return to the stage,
and they put on one heck of a show.

Thank you, a million times, thank you.
I hope you understand how amazing it has been to be able to do this for you,
and how grateful I’ve been to experience your journey up close.
You’re going far, kids.
I can’t wait!

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