Cincinnati Music Photographer:: PNC Summer Concert Series at Fountain Square:: Belle Histoire

When Belle Histoire asked me to join them at their Fountain Square concert,
              I was pumped.
Not only do I love Belle Histoire,
and not only do I love Fountain Square,
but I love singing and dancing and showing off my mad skills.
So, to be asked to be on stage with the band,
backing them up with vocals and sweet dance moves,
was a dream come true.
Sure, it was weird that they asked me to bring my camera.
And, so what, they didn’t give me a mic.
That didn’t stop me.
I sang along and danced along as I shot some live photos of them performing.
Because, oddly enough, my camera was the real reason I was there.

Thank you, Jane, Wes, Austin, Mitch, and Aaron.
And don’t sweat forgetting to give me a tambourine and microphone –
there’s always next time. :)

And, thanks, Cincinnati. You’re pretty rad, and so are your people.

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