Cincinnati Opening Day

This weather has been such a pain.
All we want is Spring. Is that too much to ask?
Technically, March 20th was the first day Darling Spring was supposed to arrive. However, I was willing to forgive its tardiness for a few days. Winter was battling awfully fiercely to stick around, piling us with feet of snow within a month’s time. So, when Spring delayed its showing up, I didn’t ask many questions.
After all, for the White family, Spring truly begins on Opening Day.
Which was Monday.
And Spring still isn’t here.
Oh well. We still love Opening Day. We still love this time of year. Even when its still 30 degrees outside (UGH).
Last year, we celebrated this monumental day :)  with two very special friends of ours
(well, three, if you count little Isa, who was still residing in mama’s belly)
by going downtown to the parade and game – wow, what a great day!
Here are a few of my faves from the afternoon, only one year late. :)

In true Meagan fashion, I have no photos of myself to show. And no photos of sweet Paula, either. Too sad.

My man and I were not lucky enough to snag ballpark seats before the game,
and we weren’t about to pay what they were asking on the day of,
so we were relegated to sitting on Fountain Square and watching on the Macy’s big screen.
And it was so great! We had access to an amazing food truck, front row seats to the screen, and were surrounded by fans.


Well, happy Opening Day, two days late!

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