Cincinnati Photographer:: modeling portfolio work for Amber

Here’s the thing about glam photography….
it’s not just boudoir.
Yes, it can be boudoir.
But it can also be a woman in a Forever Lazy, working it like nobody’s business.
I tell all women the same thing::
I can shoot you in a trench coat and a turtle-neck
or in your birthday suit –
either way, you’re going to look amazing.
And each woman I’ve photographed has looked just that.
Freaking. Amazing.
My sister bear is no exception.
She’s my lovey, and she’s beautiful.
And she’s totally glam.

work it, girl! 

She was asked to participate in a contest of sorts,
but she had to submit three different looks, using one piece of clothing in each.

She had this rockin dress, and she worked it in the front parking lot of my apartment complex.
(can someone say time crunch? limited resources? I was moving 10 hours away in 2 days?)

So, here’s look #1.
The dress, a sweater, some pearls and boots.

hot. stuff.

Look # 2.
The dress, a thrifted flannel, leggings, and heels.
Sidenote:: the first photo was her sinking into the mud – oops;
the second photo is after I made her ditch a layer and say forget it to the heels.
She got sassier. I like it better.

Look #3.
The dress, some thrifted jewelry, this sweet blazer, and those kick-butt boots. (LOVE THEM)
This look? My favorite.

Hello, I’m so fierce, just walking in the sunset. Yowzers.
(watch out, kids, I’m bringing the big guns out. … yowzers? oh boy.)

I’m so glad you asked me to do this.
When you make big money from these photos,
you have to take me shopping, mmmmkay?

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