Cincinnati Proposal Photographer | Jake and Jennifer’s Downtown Cincinnati, Reds Opening Day Proposal Photography (pt. 1)

Jake contacted me during a what I have been calling “proposal week” – I was contacted by FOUR grooms-to-be, but couldn’t make the timing work with anyone but Jake. I’d say that means this was absolutely meant to be, and I am SO THANKFUL! He couldn’t have been a nicer, kinder gentleman, and his bride to be is THE SWEETEST! This couple made my day and made my job a snap. Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 001 Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 002He had dreams of popping the big question on Opening Day in downtown Cincinnati. I LOVED that idea, and we quickly got to work making plans. I suggested he wear a color that wasn’t red, black, or white, so that I could more easily spot him among the masses that turn out for this local holiday. Except… there were NO MASSES! Haha! There were just these two lovebirds, as well as a few early-morning drinkers who got to witness this sweet moment from a distance (and they made for a great audience, by the way). Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 006Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 007Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 008Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 009Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 010Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 011Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 015Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 016 Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 018 Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 017Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 020Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 022Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 023Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 024Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 025Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 026Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 027 Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 029And, as always, we followed up this sweet proposal with a few quick engagement photos. Here’s a little peek of those, more to come later this week!!Meagan White Photo - Mathews Proposal 100

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  • Father’s Day, 2019 | 06•16•2019 🖤 generous, devoted to his girls, very opinionated about food, not opinionated about pretty much anything else, fiercely loyal, extremely selfless, dedicated to kingdom work, smart and prophetic but even more humble... and also the greatest daddy to the greatest girl. 🖤 happy father’s day to my guy, the best I know.
  • I held her and rocked her until the very end. I kissed her again and again, and told her how much we have loved her and how we will always love her forever. It was peaceful and sweet and exactly what we needed, even if it’s not what we ever wanted. I wish more than anything that she was healthy and could have been with us for 100 more years, but I know she’s not in pain anymore, and I know that’s good. It’s just really hard. She was my best friend, she went through so much with us, and now we have to figure out how to get through this without her.

I’ve got to take a break from here for a while - we’ll be moving soon, and I never thought I’d have to do this without her. I’ll be ok, it’s just that right now I miss her more with every breath. ♥️ Thank you to everyone for your kind words, it means so much.
  • I woke up this morning with a tear-soaked pillow and a new understanding of heartache. They say that a dog will bless you with the best days of your life... and also with one of the worst. 💔 Yesterday was the hardest day I’ve ever had. She gave us so much... she gave us everything. I love her so much.
  • I was certain that no matter how many years went by, she would be with us forever. I didn’t think I’d ever have to share this news: our sweet, incredible, beautiful Elliott has passed. 🖤

I’ll share more later. Right now, our hearts are so very broken.
  • Amen for the weekend. 🙌🏻🎉 Our main squeeze has been living away from us during the week, so we count down to Thursday nights when he comes home for a couple of days. And then we all get to be a part of our new community at @lakesidechristianchurch together on Sunday, which has quickly become our favorite day each week. ♥️👏🏻 So, happy weekending, my friends - see you on Monday. ✌🏻😎
  • We are SO excited to be coming home... this summer is going to be a good one. ☀️ I am now booking for August and have some special Fresh 48 and Motherhood Session pricing, just for you, Northern KY! ♥️
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