Cincinnati Senior Pictures:: Southeast Indiana:: Cameron – The Star … Wide-Receiver?

He plays football for one of the biggest schools in Southeast Indiana.
If we had had football when I was in high school, his team would have been the enemy.

But, because I didn’t have football at my high school… or my college… I don’t know a thing about it.

But I do think Cameron is the wide-receiver.
…….I think.

Either way, this guy was so much fun to hang out with for an afternoon.
He did his best, trying to educate me about football, about what he does, about whatever position it is he plays. :)
He was such a sweet guy, not thinking I was weird (or, at least not letting me know he thought I was weird),
pretending to laugh at my jokes, letting me ask all the girly questions about his girlfriend,
and totally going along with whatever it was I asked him to do…
… hey, Cameron, can you sit on the edge of the water here?
…. no, closer to the water… yeah, there. perfect…

oooh, do you smell that food? are you hungry? cause I am.
….oh, sorry. anyway. just scoot a liiiittle closer to the edge.

yeah. now I think this will work.
…. oh, and, um, don’t fall in. mmmkay?
ok, now can you stand on this other ledge? yeah, just like that.

 man, that food smells good.
ok, you’re standing on that ledge…. um… changed my mind, come stand on this ledge.

yeah. that’ll work.
… except, get reeeally close to the water this time.
closer. … closer still.
ok, now how about balance on one foot. and juggle these oranges I brought. perrrrfect.

It’s an understatement to say he was a good sport.  :)


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