Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: First Church of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky :: Darin and Emilee and their joy filled, sweet, and beautiful wedding (pt 1)

Darin and Emilee had one of the (if not THE) most beautiful weddings I’ve been a part of.
The morning leading up to the ceremony was buzzing with excitement and anticipation –
all of their friends and family were absolutely bursting with joy and happiness for them, the boss and I included.

THEN there was their first look.
And OH. MY. GOSH, it was perfect.

Following that, the ceremony – OH, the ceremony.
There was more laughter from the stage than I’ve ever seen before,
and the room was FULL of people who were full of love for these two.

This day was one for the books, that is for sure.

That being said, prepare yourselves for a loooooong blog post.
This was one of those days that I can’t help but over-share. :)
And this is only part one of two… check back soon for more of these two incredible people.

Meagan White Photo - 100 Meagan White Photo - 102 Meagan White Photo - 101Meagan White Photo - 103 Meagan White Photo - 104Meagan White Photo - 105Meagan White Photo - 106Meagan White Photo - 107 Meagan White Photo - 108 Meagan White Photo - 109Meagan White Photo - 110Meagan White Photo - 111Meagan White Photo - 112Meagan White Photo - 113Meagan White Photo - 117Meagan White Photo - 116Meagan White Photo - 115Meagan White Photo - 114Meagan White Photo - 118Meagan White Photo - 120Meagan White Photo - 121

Before heading off to her first look with her groom,
Emilee had the sweetest first look with her daddy.
I’m not a big crier at weddings, but this?
This got me.
Meagan White Photo - 123Meagan White Photo - 124Meagan White Photo - 125Meagan White Photo - 126

Meanwhile, the boss was hanging with the groom and his guys.Meagan White Photo - 133Meagan White Photo - 134Meagan White Photo - 132Meagan White Photo - 135Meagan White Photo - 137Meagan White Photo - 139

Get ready – this first look will be one of the best you’ve seen.Meagan White Photo - 140 Meagan White Photo - 141Meagan White Photo - 142Meagan White Photo - 143Meagan White Photo - 144Meagan White Photo - 145Meagan White Photo - 146Meagan White Photo - 147Meagan White Photo - 148Meagan White Photo - 149Meagan White Photo - 150Meagan White Photo - 151Meagan White Photo - 164Meagan White Photo - 165Meagan White Photo - 166Meagan White Photo - 170Meagan White Photo - 171Emilee.
I hope you know this, but HOLY SMOKES, YOU.
You are GORGEOUS. Beyond words.Meagan White Photo - 173Meagan White Photo - 172Meagan White Photo - 017-1Meagan White Photo - 17Meagan White Photo - 018-1

Meagan White Photo - 183Meagan White Photo - 182Meagan White Photo - 185THESE TWO.
Two of my top bridal portrait faves EVER.Meagan White Photo - 184
Meagan White Photo - 181Meagan White Photo - 180Meagan White Photo - 179Meagan White Photo - 219

Meagan White Photo - 188Meagan White Photo - 190Meagan White Photo - 189Meagan White Photo - 191Meagan White Photo - 192Meagan White Photo - 193Meagan White Photo - 194Meagan White Photo - 195Meagan White Photo - 196Meagan White Photo - 199Meagan White Photo - 191Meagan White Photo - 200Meagan White Photo - 201Meagan White Photo - 202Meagan White Photo - 203Meagan White Photo - 204Meagan White Photo - 205Meagan White Photo - 206Meagan White Photo - 192Meagan White Photo - 209Meagan White Photo - 210Meagan White Photo - 213Meagan White Photo - 212Meagan White Photo - 214Meagan White Photo - 215

3 thoughts on “Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: First Church of Christ, Burlington, Kentucky :: Darin and Emilee and their joy filled, sweet, and beautiful wedding (pt 1)

  1. Wow!!!!!! Most awesome wedding pics I have seen. I smiled through them all. So much love and happiness surrounds the two of you. I am very happy for you two.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of this special couple’s wedding. Especially for those of us who did not attend. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. i was not able to be at the event. Looking at these pictures was almost like being there! They will have a hard time deciding which to choose and which to put on display. Beautiful job!

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today was one of those days that feels like winter will never end. and I have to remind myself that there are beautiful things in this season, even if I can’t wait for it to be over. 🖤 #ohmywinnie
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So much has happened in 13 years, so much life has been lived. This year, we found a love that was living so deep inside, we didn’t know it existed.
But sometimes, unexpected things happen that uncover those hidden pockets of connection, those undiscovered parts of you that desperately need the other person. This 13th year has been exceptional. I know I love you more than ever, and I know that’s because you are more you than ever.
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