Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Hannah and Damian’s BEAUTIFUL day!

If you’ve followed me any over the past few weeks,
you’ve see a few of these photos,
as well as read a bit into my obsession with this wedding.
And I offer no apology for that. :)
I’ve known both the bride and the groom for years.
Damian and I spent a few of our Elementary years at the same babysitter,
and Hannah and I were friends throughout school.
Seeing the people I grew up with
find someone to make them oh-so-happy
is definitely one of my favorite things in life.
Hannah’s dress and shoes… WOW.
I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath
because she’s stunning!
ok, time’s up, moving on, I can’t take the wait any longer.

Boys will be boys…

Hannah and Damian chose to have time for a first-look before the wedding,
and it was absolutely beautiful.
Not only was the light during this time gorgeous,
but doing this gave them a private moment to share before the craziness of the day began,
and it also allowed time for the rest of the photos of the day.
These hazy photos are the product of being oblivious to the mist that was covering us as we shot.
In-camera, they were crisp and focused. However, the haze on the front of the lens added a little extra something.
At first, I wasn’t into it.
But, I think you’ll agree, these are dreamy and beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing!

The photo below is one of my MANY favorites.
Hannah and Damian were

(have I used that word enough yet?)
and ONE MILLION PERCENT completely in love.
This photo and their day reflected every bit of that.

They were married at The Manor House in Mason,
and it was absolutely beautiful and perfect for this winter wedding.

Post-wedding, we had a chance to shoot some awesome photos outside.
I absolutely love how intimate these photos feel,
and am so thankful for a bride and groom who were willing to be out in the cold rain for these. :)

Party time! Is this kid not the cutest?

The peacock theme was my favorite!

Hannah and Damian requested a photo-booth at the reception,
which is something the boss and I offer with our wedding packages.
We were so excited to do this with them, as this is the first wedding we’ve shot to have one.
I think it’s safe to say that it was a hit!

12 people in one shot… that’s impressive, y’all.
(I’m soaking in my Kentucky-ness before I leave.)

**to the guests of Hannah and Damian’s wedding…
I will be posting the rest of the photo-booth pictures
on my facebook page (
with ordering instructions – thanks for your patience!**
**updated:: if you would like to order, please visit this link***
Hannah and Damian::

You two are a part of my heart,
and I so enjoyed being a part of your day.
Your families wrapped us up in the love shared throughout the day,
and we were so thankful for that.

As we finished our work and were packing to leave,
we wanted to stay and help clean up because that’s just what families do.
And by the end of the night, that’s what we felt like.
So, thank you again for inviting us along for this beautiful day.
You two are beautiful people, both inside and out, and we love you for that!

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