Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Jill and Craig’s Covington Engagement Session

Meet Jill and Craig.
They are super adorable.
I mean, ridiculously so. :)
We shot these photos on a dreary day that followed two or three insanely stormy days.
The days leading up to it were full of maybe-we-should-cancels,
but Jill was determined and wasn’t going to let a few rainclouds stand in her way.
This is when I knew I was going to like her. :)
The forecast for our scheduled day was bad until that morning –
it looked as if we’d have an hour of dry and almost sunny weather,
so we bumped our time to make sure we would have our light
and stubbornly held on to the hope that the weather men were correct.
As the day wore on, the clouds got heavier….
but, thanks to Jill and her weather mapping skills
(I’m pretty sure she just used, but she did it so well!),
we stuck to our guns and made it happen.
And I am so glad we did!!
It POURED down with rain on the way to the park we met in,
but once we were there and ready to go, it all went away. Nice how that works out.
Once the rain ended, the clouds were SO gloomy, more so than I think I’ve ever shot with before.
But, they made all of the colors just pop.
But these two would look incredible anytime, anywhere,
so I really couldn’t lose, if you ask me.
I absolutely CANNOT wait for this girl’s wedding day.
She will make one heck of a beautiful bride.
Those gloomy clouds were around for a reason,
and the sprinkling rain started right about the time that this little guy came out to play.
We rushed to finish up before it began to REALLY rain, and I think we wrapped things up quite nicely.
Meet Jordy.
Also known as, “The Show Stealer.”
Jill and Craig::
I really cannot wait for your big day.
You two are beautiful people. Holy smokes. :)
I loved meeting you on this night,
and I loved loving on your little pup.
This was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again!!
Oh, and….
oh my gosh, have you ever seen anything better!?
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get over ALL OF THIS CUTENESS.

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