Cincinnati Wedding Photographer | Kasie and Keith

Kasie and Keith are incredible people,
and I have been so lucky to have known each for a long time.
I could not wait for this wedding –
I knew that it would be so reflective of the two of them,
and being an outdoor ceremony at the bride’s family home,
I knew that the love in the details would be beautiful. And I was so right.

Kasie took a piece of one of her dad’s work uniform shirts and made a heart in her skirt from it.
Is that not the sweetest thing? I don’t think anyone wasn’t crying at this point.

Kasie – I still smile and giggle at your telling of the “yellow shoes.”


I went to high school with these guys, and two were two of my closest friends,
so to say I had a great time hanging out and photographing them would be an understatement.

Yes, those are old, antique church pews!

This was the first time I had witnessed a rope tying ceremony. It’s such a beautiful thing!
It was so perfect for the feel of the wedding – they couldn’t have picked a better way to represent their love.

The above picture on the right + the picture below – FAVORITES.

Best father+daughter dance, EVER. I mean, who else has played air guitar?!

K and K::

Seriously, one of my favorite weddings.
Not because of the details (although, those were incredible),
not because of the food (Patrick and I had seconds – it was so good),
not because of the awesome father+daughter dance (but seriously, Kasie, your dad was cracking me up),
not because of the way your families loved on us
or any of the other countless events, things, etc. that made your day so wonderful.
It was because of YOU TWO. You are both just the best.
Pat and I had an awesome time, and we are so thankful
to have been there for this. Love you both!

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