Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Southeast Indiana:: Billy loves Amber

This wedding day was amazing.
But, then again, every wedding day I’ve been a part of has been simply wonderful. :)

This wedding was the first wedding I booked. And the most perfect one to end my “wedding season” with.
The brides I have been so honored and blessed to work with have all been the best I could have asked for.
And Amber was no exception.
She is funny, and kind, and sweet …. she was an absolute joy to be around on her beautiful day. She was so incredibly happy to be getting married this day, and the happiness and excitement spread to everyone around her – including me.

Billy, her groom, is incredibly kind and gentle and so in love with his bride. I was so happy to get to know him as well.

Amber – thank you for being someone who went from a complete stranger earlier this year, to someone who I can happily call my friend. And thank you for including me on such a perfect day.

We started her perfect day at the Guys and Gals in Batesville, Indiana…

[Amber’s matron-of-honor and best friend, Chelsea, was by her side all day.
It’s amazing to have such wonderful friends in this life!]

From the salon, we headed over to the Hampton Inn for some hanging out and getting dressed…
(it’s not strange that I keep referring myself as a member of the “we,”  right?)

[the bride spending a quiet moment alone… well, quiet except for me gabbing at her :) ]
[the bride with her adorable, sweet daughter…
on the left – before opening the glitter body lotion.
on the right –  the after… :) ]

From my time with Amber at the hotel, I ventured to where her groom would be catching a ride to his wedding…

I followed these boys to the wedding, where I found the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom enjoying a moment together…

[I love the trees in the background of these pictures!]
[it’s official!]
And onto the party…
[this little girl stole my heart with how sweet she was, just sitting there, watching the bride and groom dance.]
As always, I could sit here post every picture from this day because I just love them all so much.
And it doesn’t hurt when the bride is so beautiful, and photos show so much love.
But for now, I’ll end it and hope for another opportunity to photograph this amazing family!

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