Cincinnati Wedding Photographer:: Stephanie and Bobby’s Southeast Indiana Wedding:: that time I was shot with a firework…

It threatened rain all morning and into the afternoon, even sprinkling here and there,
with a cloud of humidity sticking to everyone and everything.

But Stephanie and Bobby made it work
on their very “Indiana summer” wedding day.
       (a new and awesome phrase. meaning, it was hot. and humid.)
But it was perfect.
We choose to shoot outside whenever possible, but with the weather that day,
we were inclined to shoot the wedding party inside the church.
No big deal, except… we had very limited space, and there wasn’t room for me inside,
so… we made it work.
I stood outside, propped the doors open, and shot the bridal party standing inside the church.
Very new, cutting-edge techniques here, folks.

(Thanks again, Stephanie, for being such an awesome bride
and for having such an awesome and willing wedding party. You guys totally made it work. :) )

So, the weather wasn’t the best, but whatever.
Stephanie has such a beautiful spirit and a beautiful smile
that once the guests saw her walking down the aisle,
the intense heat was nothing but an afterthought for all of us.

And as soon as the wedding ended, the air became drier, the sun came out, and the birds began singing…
(ok, so I don’t really know if that last part happened,
but I’m pretty sure it might have…)

We got a few photos in the sunlight before heading to one of the best receptions I’ve been a part of.

So the day was, indeed, a fantaaaaastic day. :)

[OH. MY. GOODNESS. The excitement and happiness is too much. I love it.]
[wedding party of the year – thanks, you all, for not thinking me to be completely crazy. :)
you guys rocked the quirks of the day, and I’m so grateful you were so great!]
Stephanie, I have no words. You’re just so dang BEAUTIFUL!!!
[these jerseys have made their debut here before. I think it was the perfect way to enter the reception.]
I would elaborate… but there’s really not much else to say.
The fireworks were close (and gorgeous), but the parking lot was littered
And a squirrelly, gone-awry “shell” of sorts got all,
“I’m coming after you.” And it did. It came after me.
Oh, well. Hazard of the job, I suppose.]
Stephanie and Bobby::
You guys are so great. We have truly loved getting to know you.
I’m so happy for you both, and I am so thankful we were a part of this day!
And to your family and friends:: you guys were the best!

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