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There are some families I could photograph every day and never get enough. This crew is one. From engagement photos to the wedding day to the birth of their babies, I’ve had the privilege and honor to document some of life’s biggest milestones. And somehow they get more and more beautiful and wonderful with each session. 🖤

My fresh 48 sessions and my newborn sessions have become one in the same this season. Covid has thrown a wrench into in-hospital fresh-48 sessions, but honestly, I am LOVING shooting more in homes – it’s been a gift. And shooting these photos in your home often means more opportunities for older siblings to be involved… leading to photos like this one below. Oh, I love his reaction to baby sister. 😆😊

Stephanie’s shirt needs to have a moment here… her babies’ names are embroidered on the sleeve, and of all the cute outfits and beautiful wedding gowns I’ve photographed, this is possibly my most favorite thing.

Sweet baby girl with the most precious wittle hairs. She looks so much like big brother during his Fresh 48 photos!

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