happy day, to my fave

For your birthday,
I’ve been wracking my brain,
trying to come up with any words.
But I can’t… they don’t exist.

At least, not yet.

Maybe, one day, when we’re gone,
someone great will pen what was ours.
This life we share, maybe it will be written down,
and then, new words will describe the way I love you.

Until then, know that I do.
I love you in ways I can’t show or tell you.
I love you more, on your 30th, than I did on your 29th.
More than on your 20th, more than on your 17th.
I’m excited to see how much better it’s going to get over the next 30.

“it is all for you
every word
every thing I do
are the stubborn
of this
aching heart”

IMG_3208 IMG_3209-2

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