Hey There, Archie… eight months with you

The most lovable baby is 8 months old today. I know that we (as in, the entire world) haven’t been big fans of 2020. But as we close this year out, I can’t help wanting to shout from the rooftops what a wonderful year this actually was.

When we were pregnant with him, we had no idea what kind of world we were bringing him into. He was born at the peak of fear and paranoia, and he has no idea what a perfect gift he’s been.

This month was a big month for him – he cut two teeth within two days (his first popped through on the 8th), . That was a lot of fun. 😳

He has been trying to pull up on things, rolling and scooting himself all over our house, and has been trying to crawl. We really think it will be a matter of days at this point before he’s into everything and we can’t keep up with him.

This boy has been a bright spot in the world’s craziest season. His grin and giggles are readily available and are such a joy. We’re endlessly thankful for the gift that is our Archie boy.

You can see his entire year here!

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