Hey There, Archie… eleven months with you

11 months! It’s impossible, yet somehow we are here.

This month, our buds got even cuter. He chatters away at us, and even though we have no idea what he’s talking about, the conversation is the best. 😊

His smiles and his giggles are plentiful, and they are some of the best parts of our day. He’s a master at crawling, but he does prefer the lazy route and army-crawls almost everywhere. He’s started cruising the furniture this month, and we are sure he’ll be running around the house before long.

He’s a quick little guy, and he keeps us on high-alert all of the time. We found out he knows how to climb stairs when we found him halfway up and sitting on the landing. 😳

But his sweet demeanor and curious personality make it easy to forget how mischievous he often is. 😆 We just adore him so much, and we are so very, very thankful for the gift that is Archie.

(this is a very accurate depiction of how these photos really went 😂)

see his month-by-month here

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