Hey There, Archie… five months with you

FIVE MONTHS! This was a big month for our sweet boy. His big sister celebrated a birthday, and the weeks leading up to it kept us all on our toes. This mister man made some big strides in the meantime.

He has found his hands and his feet, and I don’t know which he loves more. He’s trying hard to hold his own bottle and even harder to sit up on his own these days, both including lots of hard-working grunts that make us all chuckle.

He’s also found more of his voice this month, chatting so sweetly and then sometimes screaming as high-pitched and as loud as he can. 😂

Our budders-boy is growing leaps and bounds. He is quickly outgrowing his 6-9 month clothing in favor of 9-12 month sizes. And it seems to happen overnight – he goes to sleep in a pair of pajamas that seem to fit, but wakes up with arms an inch too long for the sleeves.

He loves to be outside – light and shadows are some of his favorite things. He also loves the feeling of the grass on his feet. He has a soulful stare, and the sweetest pout when he’s sad. This boy has captivated our hearts, that’s for sure.

We love him so very, very much. We are thankful every day for his spirit and his strength. We are so thankful he is ours.

you can see his first four months here, and even more photos on my instagram

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