Hey There, Archie… nine months with you

9 months… he’s been in our arms almost as long as we were anticipating his arrival.

I know the common thought right now is how thankful we are that 2020 is out the door… that it was a heck of a year, and we’re glad it’s over. But I can’t get on that train (not that I fault anyone who is). When I see 2020, I see the year we met our boy, our miracle baby.

2020 brought us a lot of grief and frustration, but it also brought us the happiest days of our lives.

He cut his 3rd tooth this month (actually, it just came through yesterday – barely made it into this post!). He’s soooo close to crawling, and he always wants to pull up to stand. Not to mention, his hair gets longer and curlier every day, and I AM OBSESSED.

He’s changed everything about our family, and while 2020 was a trip to get through, he re-centered us and our focus, and I don’t know if he’ll ever know what a gift he is.

You can see his entire year here!

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