Hey There, Archie… one month with you

I wasn’t sure I wanted to blog our boy’s monthly photos and milestones… I’ve pulled back on how much I share my babies on the internet, and while I still post some photos of them on my Instagram, I am working hard to protect them from being over-shared online. That being said, I know how I love having these posts to look back on, and I hope that both Winnie and Archie will love having them as well.

Oh, this boy of ours. We knew we would love being parents to another sweet baby, and we obviously didn’t care if we were given a boy or another girl. But, let me tell you, this boy is perfectly ours. I’m so thankful he is here and is exactly who he is.

I took a few photos when he was just hours old, and I am so thankful for these. The end of my pregnancy with him was hard on us both – he was transverse and I had severe polyhydramnios, meaning that my water breaking could have been a dangerous situation for us. Labor wasn’t any easier. It turned out that he was in the OP position with the cord around him, and we both had a difficult time getting him here. He’s a bit of a miracle baby, and we are just so thankful he’s here, he’s healthy, and we’re both safe.

COVID-19 threw a wrench into our entire labor “plan,” and we weren’t able to have any family or friends at the hospital – this included Winnie. :( But we soaked up the time with just the three of us, and then made a pretty quick exit around 24-hours after he made his debut.

I shot a few quick newborn pictures that I felt were fitting of this pandemic. :) The Bump agreed and used this photo in a pandemic parenting post.

Winnie has been the best, most loving big sister. When we introduced them, the first thing she said was, “he’s perfect for me.” (yes, I definitely have this on video!)

This season has not looked the way we had hoped with only meeting family virtually or from a distance, and only being out in the world for a doctor’s appointment… but I will say that it has been surprisingly sweet. Shane has been home with us as we adjust to having a new baby, which was something we hadn’t anticipated but are SO thankful for. And even though we can’t share him with friends or family yet, Archie is getting plenty of snuggles from momma and big sister.

And now, our sweet boy is one month old. It’s been the sweetest month, full of the best time together. We are absolutely in love with this little one, and we are so thankful he has joined us. Our journey to get here over the last few months wasn’t easy (I plan to share more about this later), but we have adjusted and settled in and we are loving our new dynamic as a family of four.

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