Hey There, Archie… seven months with you

Oh, it’s been the most wonderful 7 months with this perfect boy. He is the happiest baby, always giggling and smiling at us. Even when we’re at our most frustrated, he offers the sweetest smiles and turns it right around.

However, when he has an opinion (usually about food), he lets us know. There is never any doubt when he wants to eat. He has a knack for an ear-piercing scream that we are always caught-off-guard by. 😳 

The strawberry blonde curls and the brightest blue eyes… he has totally stolen our hearts. Winnie is completely obsessed, and it’s safe to say that his daddy and I are, too.

He is desperate to eat whatever we are having at meals… he just hasn’t cut any of his teeth yet, so he’s stuck with purees and mesh feeders for now. He’s also ready to get mobile. He rolls all over our living room, getting himself stuck under furniture regularly. As soon as he can get the core strength to get his balance, I think he’ll be taking off.

His 9-month outfits are starting to get a little more snug these days. He outgrows clothes so quickly, which is a stark contrast to how Winnie was as a baby. It’s been an adjustment, and I’ve learned not to buy anything out of season because I have absolutely no idea what size he’ll be even a month from now!😆 Don’t get me wrong, I love it – he’s healthy, and that is something we will never be exhausted by or take for granted!

He is our beautiful, joyful boy. He’s been the brightest spot in our year, and even more so with recent, current events. We are so thankful and so in love.

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