Hey There, Archie… six months with you

How? How have we already had you in our arms for 6 months? We are as far from meeting you as we are to celebrating your first birthday, and that is mind-boggling.

This month has been our most consistent, routine month yet. It’s been so much fun to fall in to new rhythms as a family of four. Until now, there have been big happenings on our calendar every month. But this month felt like we finally hit our groove.

Our sweetest boy is loving food, and his favorites right now are green beans and butternut squash. We’ve done a little baby-led weaning as well as purees, and he’s happy with both. 😁 (which is very apparent since he graduated up another size this month, wearing size 9-month outfits these days). He’s been seemingly teething for weeks/months/since birth? and we are just waiting for those first teeth to bring an even bigger appetite.

He kept up his social game this month, meeting some more new friends recently. Covid has kept us from getting to introduce him to everyone we love, but this longer, drawn out season of introductions has been a bit of a blessing in disguise.

He also went to church for the first time this month. I often wonder if he can recall hearing his daddy singing from inside my belly. The way he watches and enjoys listening to him now is the sweetest thing, and it makes me thing that maybe it is familiar to him after all.

All in all, this month was a slower, more consistent month, but our boy still made big strides. He’s been working on his unassisted sitting, he’s been trying to crawl (he still has a bit to go, but it won’t be long), and I swear he’s trying to say “momma.”😆

It’s easy to see that we are all in love and maybe even a little obsessed with this mr man. We are forever thankful for this little life and the big light he shines.

you can see the rest of his monthly photos here, and even more photos on my instagram

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