Hey There, Archie… twelve months with you

TWELVE! Wow. Twelve months, one whole year. We can’t even believe it.

Leaving the baby stage behind has been something I’ve dreaded (they just grow too fast 😭), but it’s also something I’m celebrating a little bit. This sweet boy wants independence so badly, and I can’t wait to see his little personality blossom as he gets bigger and can do more on his own.

There weren’t a lot of new developments this month – we just savored every second of his last month as a baby. He’s still as curious as ever, and we’re constantly chasing him around our house to make sure he’s staying out of trouble. 🤗😂

He’s cuter and sweeter every day. He’s also more and more mischievous …🥴😆 I can’t get enough, and we love watching him explore while offering us the sweetest smiles.

He was born at a wild time in history, and while the world has ushered away the last year, we have celebrated it. This perfect boy was a bright spot in a dark time, and we are SO thankful.

see more of his monthly photos here

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