Hey There, Archie… two months with you

This month has been a big one for our boy. He’s grown leaps and bounds (currently filling out his 3-6 month clothes), and he’s been giving us some of the sweetest smiles.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios – having excess amniotic fluid. We checked for the obvious and more common reasons, but none were the culprit. And this wild boy of mine rarely cooperated for any of his ultrasounds, so we were left wondering why this was happening.

My fluid numbers kept climbing, and it was determined that the likely issue was esophageal atresia (meaning Archie wasn’t able to swallow any of the fluid, keeping my numbers dangerously high), which meant we were all going to be on high-alert once he was born.

I was scheduled for multiple ultrasounds every week, and the week before our boy made his grand entrance, my fluid numbers started dropping drastically. It seems that this atresia was healing itself just days before Archie was born.

Anyway, I am sharing this story because the high-risk doctors all thought that this sweet boy would be born and need immediate emergency surgery. Not only did he defy those odds, but now he is eating so much and growing so fast we can hardly keep up. He’s taking this crazy season we’ve been living in and showing it the door. :)

And now, this incredible baby of ours is already two months old. We have had some sleepless nights and some long days, but when we finally sit down together every night, Shane and I sit in complete awe. We are thankful for every minute, even if they are verrrry long minutes sometimes. :)

you can see month one here and even more of this sweet chunk here, on my instagram

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