Indianapolis Area Wedding Photographer:: Lebanon, Indiana:: Lumiere Spa and Resort:: David and Katie’s beautiful [and HOT!] May ceremony

I’ve began this post a few different times, a few different ways.
This is one of those weddings that I just can’t say enough about,
so I wonder if I should try to even say anything.
I was going to start with this::
I went to a small high school. Seriously. SMALL.
One of those where “EVERYBODY knows your business.”
Sometimes before YOU even know it.
But, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.
I graduated with a class of 50-60ish people
(that’s a number I should easily be able to remember… oops),
and I could tell you first and last names of each and every one of them,
and maybe even birthdays and middle names, probably parents names, etc…
Things change over time, but I always feel a weird connection to these people I closely shared 13 years with.
… you hear news of an engagement, and you get giddy for them.
Even if you haven’t spoken to them in years.
… your mom tells you the new baby’s name,
and you feel all warm because you’re sure she looks just like him.
… you find out she’s a completely different person than when you knew her,
and you wonder if you’d be friends at this point in your life.
Yeah, I was going to start it like that :) … but that still doesn’t seem right.
That seems too generic for this post.
So, I’ll just get straight to it.
Here’s the thing….
….there’s something about knowing someone for so long,
that no matter what time or space separates you,
a part of your heart is always holding a space for them.
David was no exception to this.
When he contacted me about his upcoming wedding to the gorgeous and amazing Katie,
I was overly excited to say YES PLEASE. :)
And once I met her, it was reaffirmed to me that I was so awesomely blessed
to get to be a part of this. This wasn’t just a “oh, I knew him at one point” kind of thing.
This was a, “he was an authentic, dedicated, incredible friend,
the kind of friend you don’t appreciate until you don’t see them every day” thing.
I was excited to somehow give back to him,
and now he had met his amazing, and so-perfect-for-him bride,
all thanks to a Philosophy class gone bad. :)
I couldn’t have been more thrilled!
They spent years living on a tropical island,
and decided to come back here for their wedding.
No, I didn’t understand it, either. :)
They were married at this beautiful spa and resort:: Lumiere.
It was pretty much smack dab in the middle of an Indiana cornfield.
And all I can say is, it was AH-MAZING.
It was stinking HOT on their wedding day,
but they are such think-aheaders (yes, real word. well, it is now.).
They hand-made (HOLY COW! CRAFTY!) these fan programs.
Loved them!!
[I shouldn’t have to explain, but in case I do…
I blurred their address out above… that’s why it looks all jacked.
sorry to all you hopeful stalkers.]
[I’d like to take a moment to thank Mother Nature…
Katie chose the colors of purple and green for her wedding day,
and the plants all coordinated for a beautiful, matching backdrop. :) ]

[the little bell flowers (someone help me out here, what are those called?)
were pulled from Katie’s mom’s wedding bouquet, and the lace around
the stems was lace from her mom’s dress. HOW COOL!]
[this is one of those,
[ah! be still, my heart!]
The photo above and the one below are two of my favorites from the day.
They are so in love and so happy, it makes my heart sing.

[LOVE the milk glass that was used throughout the reception. I mean it. LOVE IT.]

And I’ll wrap up this way too wordy post with this….

So perfectly in love!

Katie and David::
This is one of my favorite photos of the night. I just LOVE how it says everything about your day.
Love. Tenderness. Joy. Excitement… gosh, I could go on and on, but I already have,
and, frankly, I’m tired of hearing myself. :)
Seriously, it was a HUGE honor to be a part of such a beautiful day
with two beautiful, wonderful people.
So, I THANK YOU for the opportunity.
David, you and your family are like home to me – the familiarity of it all was so welcoming.
I am so thankful that you chose me to get to share this with you two.
Katie, you are so kind and sweet – I just loved you the minute I met you at dinner!
I knew you were perfect for him, and I was so thankful for your acceptance of this small-town friend of his :)
I’m thankful I have a friend in you now, as well!!
Lots and lots of love to you both!!!!!!

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