Installment 2: go away

I was in band.

              And I [thought I] hated band.
I wanted so badly to quit, but no one would let me.
I tried everrrrrything.
And all to no avail.
Being a member of band meant…
(cue horror-themed music)
And as much as I hated band, I dreaded band camp even more. It was right in the middle of the hottest part of Summer (well, at least it seemed that way), and it started way too early in the morning for my taste.
But on I trucked.
On the first day of camp, I arrived CRANKY. I don’t mean a little bit. I mean a whole lot of CRANKY.
I was so annoyed that  had to be there. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and I especially didn’t want to meet anyone new.
The first to greet me was Mr. Eads.
Oh, that Mr. Eads… I could write a book on this man.
                 ….. back to the point….
Mr. Eads was super friendly. I think he had quickly picked up on my mood and was trying to offset the huge ball of negativity (that would be me) as much as was possible.
After all, it was his fault I was at band camp to begin with.
(through my many attempts to quit the program,
he was the one who pushed, and ultimately convinced,
my mom to make me stick through it).
But, his warm welcome did nothing for me.
Still cranky.
I headed straight through the groups of people congregating and chatting about all of their summer fun, past all of my friends and their confused stares about my demeanor, and sat down in a chair separated from anything social.
A few people attempted a “hello” or “good morning.”
But I was having none of that.
                                  Until that boy showed up…

He walked up to me, wearing a baseball cap.
Except, his baseball cap was backwards…
              and inside-out.
And all he said was, “HEY.”
I really wasn’t sure how to take this…
I mean, weird hat, weird boy, right?
And then, to not say anything else?
I was even more annoyed.
Why couldn’t everyone just leave me and my grumpiness alone??
I responded with a simple, unhappy, “hi.”
(which was a rather generous response, considering my behavior towards everyone else)
But, even at my most giving,
all I wanted was for him to go away.
I was tired.
It was early.
His hat was ridiculous.
It was early (did I mention that?).
And, I was over the whole “band” and “camp” and “band camp” deal.
He didn’t get it.
“Hi. I’m Shane.”
        (followed by an are-we-done-yet? nod)
……(awkward silence)…..
“…ok, see ya.”
The rest of the day went by slowly. It was hot, and my socks were wet from marching in the dew grass.
          – yet ANOTHER sign
                         that we weren’t supposed to be up that early.
And I was still grumpy.
When lunch rolled around, I was so relieved to have a break. Until my friendly, weird hat acquaintance asked if I wanted to eat with him and his friends.
No details. Just an invitation.
                                                           I, of course, said no.
After lunch, he came back to see how mine was.
I had eaten a dry turkey sandwich on wheat bread.
So, I replied, “Good?”
I could see that he wasn’t going to pick up on my anti-friendly attitude very easily.
So, when the day came to an end,
I high-tailed it out of there.
I really didn’t want to have anymore one word conversations with this guy.
But the next day was only Tuesday

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