2016, you were a trip.

We had a rough start (thanks to morning sickness), but the most beautiful ending.
We’ve never been happier.
You were the longest year (I think I was pregnant for 900 months), but also the shortest year (how did I become a momma SO FAST??).
You were an emotionally exhausting 12 months, to say the least.
Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy from our sweet Winnie but then broken into pieces with the passing of Shane’s sister, Sallie, all over the course of two weeks.
You really squeezed every last drop from us.
We grew as a family, we grew as a couple, we grew in our friendships… this was possibly the best year of our lives, but it was simultaneously one of the worst.

2016, you know how to pack a punch.

You are a year that I will never have to recall with a “wait, what year was that” because every moment is carved into my heart.

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