Kansas City Family and Children’s Photographer:: THIS KID.

So, I have a new website and blog. WHOOP!

What do you think? I am pretty sure I love it. :)


The AMAZING Kyla worked some awesome magic, and I just can’t get over how great it all looks.

I’m still trying to figure out some things as far as this is an entirely new format for me, so thanks for hanging in there and being patient while I continue to tinker.

Anyway, in other news…



I love this girl. She’s just so wonderful. I have no idea how my heart is going to handle her baby friend that will be here next year.


kansas-city-childrens-photographer-08 kansas-city-childrens-photographer-07 kansas-city-childrens-photographer-06kansas-city-childrens-photographer-05




Seriously, she’s so gorgeous, I can’t take it.



And then there are these photos. My heart is going to explode.



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