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Oh my goodness.

If you know Maddie, then you can just imagine the fun we had during this session.
She is ridiculously adorable and beautiful, all at once, and her laugh is so stinking contagious.

I don’t know that I’ve ever photographed a more genuine smile.

I just love these photos and this girl :)

and THIS photo is definite FAVE!

Meagan White Photo - Maddie 003
Meagan White Photo - Maddie 100Meagan White Photo - Maddie 001Meagan White Photo - Maddie 005Meagan White Photo - Maddie 101and THESE TWO. the pink, the sneakers, THE GIRL. she made this too easy. :)
by the way, she’s had these shoes since the FIFTH GRADE.
she either takes excellent care of footwear, or she’s a walking Converse ad.
Meagan White Photo - Maddie 008Meagan White Photo - Maddie 007Meagan White Photo - Maddie 012Meagan White Photo - Maddie 014Meagan White Photo - Maddie 015Meagan White Photo - Maddie 034Meagan White Photo - Maddie 035Meagan White Photo - Maddie 036Meagan White Photo - Maddie 032Meagan White Photo - Maddie 033

I absolutely love when senior girls opt for playful photos like above,
then bring the FIERCE for photos like the ones below.

Meagan White Photo - Maddie 016Meagan White Photo - Maddie 017Meagan White Photo - Maddie 019Meagan White Photo - Maddie 020FIERCE. I told you.
oh, and I LOVE the image above and the image below.
faves, faves, faaaaaaves.
Maddie, you are GORGEOUS!Meagan White Photo - Maddie 023Meagan White Photo - Maddie 025 Meagan White Photo - Maddie 026


I adore you, and I adore these photos.
I’m so very thankful you trusted me to help you remember this fun and crazy year of your life.
Meagan White Photo - Maddie 027

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